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Thursday, March 12, 2009

$1000 Giveaway

While we are impatiently awaiting any word from the Capital regarding HB 201, the bill that will help our Powderville neighbors, we will let you know about a local stimulus package offered by our friends at Belliston Jewelry in Ogden.

If you know of anyone planning a wedding and in need of a ring, Belliston's are offering their first ever DesignYour Own Ring contest. First prize is a generous $1000 in store credit towards the purchase of the lucky couples ring. $1000 will go far at Belliston's.

Click on the Belliston Jewelry Ad on the left sidebar for more details and good luck!

Editor's note: As of March 10, 2009, Senate Majority Whip Scott Jenkins from a west Ogden district was waffling on the bill and still needed some arm twisting.

If you have friends or family in West Haven, Plain City, Roy, Hooper, and Marriott-Slaterville, please have them contact Senator Jenkins immediately and encourage him to support HB 201. His email is and you may wish to include something like "constituent input on HB201" in the subject line.

Also, be sure to have them include their address.

Time is of the essence as the 2009 legislative session is about to end.

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That was the week that wasn't said...

Go to the Weber County Forum. Check out the Blog title SL Trib: HB 122 Falters for Lack of Consensus. Then be sure to read the comments to learn about Valley representation and the how the Powderville bill came down.