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Saturday, March 14, 2009

HB 201 Dies in the Senate - Powderville Lives On

After making it through the House, HB 201 was never voted upon in the Senate and the bill is now dead. Rudi of the Weber County Forum has offered a riveting review of the failed bill, and we urge you to read his post and chime in with comments.

On another relatedPowderville note, they have seemingly been trying to improve their public perception as we were recently forwarded this message touting a generous food drive at Powder Mountain.
Powder Mountain will be hosting a food drive on April 1st along with The Ogden Rescue Mission. Each person that donates at least five (5) non-perishable food items will have their choice of either a $40 all area adult lift pass for that day (a $16 discount) or a single-ride Lightning Ridge Snowcat Pass ($12 value).

The idea for a food drive arose shortly after the resort’s successful Stoked on Socks event, where 550 pairs of socks were donated to give to the homeless. All donations will be given directly to the Ogden Rescue Mission. The Ogden Rescue Mission prepares more than 100,000 meals each year for those in need. It also distributes over 1,500 food boxes for local families during the holidays.

What say you about this generosity? Have a great weekend.


no mo pow mow said...

Powderville's generosity is fake. After the terrible publicity they gleaned from their strong arm Powderville 'taking of residents rights' fiasco, they are desperate to make a weak kneed approach at improving their image. They are more desperate to sell tickets and that is an easy way to offer a discount to sell more tickets while trying to look like the good guy.

Me, I am going to Snowbasin.

Skeeter said...

They could demonstrate their good will by withdrawing the incorporation petition and re-submitting under the present law. Gee, do you think they will?