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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Std. EX: Bill Would ‘Fix’ Town Incorporation - - and Rudi's review of Larry Zini's guest commentary

Our friends at the Weber County Forum have been diligently monitoring things on capital hill. Yesterday, Rudi offered a spectacular rundown on a bill being introduced to correct the Powderville mess. Be sure to read the comments and join in on the discussion.

Also, don't miss Rudi's review of the Standard Examiner guest commentary by Larry Zini that we pointed out on Thursday.

1 comment:

Cesare said...

All of this is a conformation that our elected leaders are not doing their job protecting their citizens. These little financial games were planned for in the County budget process and therefore, the County Commissioners knew what was going on all of these years. We should demand an accounting of how much money this has cost Weber County taxpayers over the years.

The Weber County Commissioners should have demanded changes to eliminate the non-accounting of collected delinquent taxes and pushed for their inclusion into the Certified Tax Rate. They would have then had smaller budget increases and that would have meant lower taxes over the years.

Of course, that would have meant they would have to fight for their constituents and we notice that they only fight for themselves and their favorite charity, the builders and developers in Weber County.