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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Delinquent Property Taxes

In today's Standard Examiner is an important Guest Commentary regarding delinquent property taxes. This is important information for all property tax payers.

Gage Froerer has a bill HB 418, which will address this unfair tax collection process in the Utah House under consideration at this moment. We hope this bill will result in an increase of on time tax collections that will benefit all those taxpayers that pay their property taxes on time.


Sybill said...

What has our County leadership been doing, sleeping? These issues have been around for a long time and yet no Commissioner has stepped forward to try to correct this obvious fleecing of most County taxpayers.

They have violated the public trust and should be voted out of office at their next election. Has anyone noticed how silent the Weber County Commission has been about these issues? It would be nice to hear a public statement regarding both HB 418 and HB 23 from our elected leaders. Don't hold your breath!

The Viking said...

Good news! HB 246 from Gage Froerer once thought dead has been passed out of the house to the State Senate. This bill will help Ogden Valley residents with the residents exemption that were forced to buy 3 Acres if it becomes law.