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Monday, March 16, 2009

March Madness -- Buzzer Beater Lands Snowcrest Girls In District Finals Game

By Richard S.

Last Friday, the Underdog Snowcrest "Lady Skyhawk" Basketball team earned their spot in the Weber School District Championship game following an incredible, last second buzzer beater by 9th grade superstar Cheyenne Tanner. We are calling it one of the most exciting games of the year, pro, college or otherwise, and hope to obtain and post a video of the last few seconds soon.

Trailing the entire game with the more experienced and undefeated Rocky Mountain Junior High School team, but always within striking distance, the Skyhawks battled to within one point with a little over five seconds remaining. An errant Rocky Mountain inbound play turned the ball over to Snowcrest at Rocky's end of the court with 4 seconds remaining. Snowcrest protested and an additional .8 seconds were added to the clock, leaving them with 4.8 seconds and the monumental task of running the length of the court and getting the shot off before the buzzer.

The Skyhawks got the ball to Cheyenne Tanner who dribbled down, split defenders in true John Stocton-esque fashion, and launched an eight foot layup just ahead of the clock. Miraculously, the shot dropped and the large Rocky Mountain crowd was silenced as the Skyhawks won 38-37. Tanner led all scoring with 28 for Snowcrest.

The road the the finals has been exciting. Last Tuesday, Snowcrest knocked off Sandridge in another exciting game to earn the fourth place seed in the playoffs vs. the first place Grizzlies from Rocky Mountain. Then on Friday they defeated Rocky, a large school with some 1200 students compared to Snowcrest's measly 300 students.

The Lady Skyhawks face the girls from Orion Junior High Tuesday, March 17th at 3:30 PM in the Weber High School Gymnasium. The Skyhawks lost a heartbreaker to Orion during their only match this year after leading by as much as nine points most of the game. Tomorrows game is bound to be an exciting match up!

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Luke Skywalker said...

Gooooood Luck Skyhawks - May the force be with you!