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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Skyhawks Fall Hard From Cloud Nine - More March Madness

By Richard S.

The underdog Snowcrest Skyhawks started today where they left off last Friday. For sixteen minutes, the Lady Skyhawks offered a fast break shooting clinic to the much taller Titans from Orion, ending the first half with a commanding 27-4 lead. The run and gun, 'everything they put up dropped' offense served them well, but a different team came out of the locker room.

An early fourth foul kept 9th grade star Cheyenne Tanner out of the game thanks to a change in plans on Orion's part and some inconsistent calls from the officials. Much like a linebacker, a scrappy Orion girl was continuously permitted to lower a shoulder and drive into the Snowcrest defender to create contact. Time after time, Snowcrest was called for the foul, but we are sure Dick Bavetta would have seen things much differently.

In the end, four Skyhawk starters fouled out and watched an entirely different game the second half from the bench. Shot by shot, free throw by free throw, Orion battled back holding Snowcrest to just 6 second-half points to come out on top 39-33. Snowcrest was outscored 35-6 in the long, last sixteen minutes.

The Lady Skyhawks have had a storybook season and have nailed in the final peg of a new school record. For the first time in Snowcrest history (and probably Valley Jr. history prior to Snowcrest), the Skyhawks reached the playoffs in three sports; boys and girls basketball along with girls volleyball, and baseball tryouts start next week.

While they should have won it all, our girls will be a huge part of the Weber High team for years to come.

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