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Monday, July 02, 2007

VCRD Meeting Notice

(Valley Citizens for Responsible Development)

Next Public Awareness Meeting

July 19th 7:00 PM Huntsville Library

Discussion and Information about:

1. Possible appeal by petitioner to the Weber County Commission on denial of rezoning to add uses for a rock crushing and cement business in Ogden Valley.

2. Status of 3 pending draft ordinances regarding Transfer of Development Rights and bonus density, Sensitive Lands and Recreation Resort Zoning.

3. City of Huntsville’s concern on culinary water flow.

4. Bison Creek Ranch status

5. Other business and information - open discussion

All Ogden Valley Residents

Keep informed on Ogden Valley Issues:

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Join the VCRD e-mail list at our meeting

1 comment:

Larry Zini said...

Kim Wheatley will be our guest speaker at the VCRD Meeting. Kim will give us an overview of the GEM group and their goals. Kim will also explain the Bonus Density TDR ordinace.