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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

No Rock Crushing or Cement Plants in OV

Urgent: Valley Residents Say No to Rock Crushing in Ogden Valley!
Petitioner taking this issue to the County Commission

On June 26, 2007, two zoning petition requests were brought before the Ogden Valley Planning Commission.

Zoning petition #ZP05-07 to add uses to the manufacturing MV-1 zone as a conditional use. Uses proposed in this petition were specifically for a small cement batch plant. The Planning Department has already drafted the changes to this ordinance. This change can be viewed on the Weber County Commission's web site under pending ordinances.

Zoning petition #ZP06-07 to add a MV-2 zone. The use proposed in this new zone would include a rock crusher. The Planning Department has already drafted this new ordinance which can also be viewed on the Weber County Commission's web site under pending ordinances.

The Ogden Valley Township Planning Commission denied these two petitions last month. However, the petitioner, Tom Summers is now going to the Weber County Commission for approval.

Over the last year there have been petitions to allow manufacturing uses, rock crushing, and gravel operations in various areas of the valley. One was to be located on Highway 39 near the state road buildings was also surrounded on all sides by residences. The other was for the old Stoker pit, a site also adjacent to residential. Both of these requests were denied.

There are currently only two manufacturing zones in Ogden Valley. One is the Wilson auto repair shop and the other is along the riverbed just behind Snowcrest Junior High. Weber County Planning Department Staff indicated these changes are not site specific, but when there are only two such sites in the valley it seems that this use is targeted toward those spots.

Cement batch plants are known to produce toxic waste, dust and noise.
Rock crushers create noise which can be heard for long distances and which cannot be contained. They also produce dust. Both uses create increased volume in large truck traffic.

Noise, dust, pollution and heavy truck traffic could affect the health and safety of our school children, destroy the ambiance of the intended commercial uses (restaurants, shops, hotel) at Valley Junction and affect property values of existing and soon to be built homes.

You need to weigh in now on this issue. Contact your Weber County Commissioners now! Ask them to please consider:

NO ROCK CRUSHERS in Ogden Valley
NO CEMENT PLANTS in Ogden Valley

When contacting the commissioners and their clerk, please reference the petition numbers,
Zoning petition #ZP05-07 and Zoning petition #ZP06-07, and always include your name and home mailing address.

Weber County Commissioners and Clerk

Bischoff,Ken 801-399-8401
Dearden,Craig 801-399-8401
Zogmaister, Jan 801-399-8401
Halacy, Shelly (clerk) 801-399-8401

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