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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Powder Mountain's Request for Rezone Hearing

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The Ogden Valley Planning Commission has scheduled a hearing, August 1st at 4:30PM regarding the Powder Mountain developer’s petition for rezoning.

As noted on a prior post on this blog, the key issue here is the timing for the approval of the rezoning request at Powder Mountain, and the delayed status of the Recreation Resort Zone Ordinance and Transfer of Development Rights ordinances that were specifically written to address this type of resort development.

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Ron Gleason said...

Does anyone have the details of the request? This would entail going to the vounty planning office, filling out a request and paying for a copy.

IMO it would assist greatly to be able to cite specifics of the rezone request.

Larry Zini said...

Ron, we have not been able to access the county website due to server problems all week.


Larry Zini said...

Ron, forgot to metion that Sharon attended the meeting and the Powder Mountain rep explained what they want. She also told eveyone how much effort they put into the writing of the Resort Ordinance. We have to look past this request and consider the precedent for future Resort Rezoning that could be established.