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Friday, July 27, 2007

Powder Mountain Rezone Letter To OVPC

Click above to sign the petition opposing Powder Mountain's rezone request

Ogden Valley Planning Commission
Weber County Planning Office

Re: Powder Mountain Request for Rezoning

Dear Commissioners,

After reviewing the unit density proposed by Powder Mountain (PM) rezone request, I urge you to deny their petition because they want to double (at least) their existing density. Section 7 of the Ogden Valley General Plan concludes the “carrying capacity” of the Valley is around 6200 units and the Recreation Element (RE) estimates current zoning allows 2-3 times that many. It is simply irresponsible to allow our 17,500 unit problem (RE existing zoning estimate) to become an 18,800+ unit problem...

Click here to read more of Kimbal Wheatley's excellent letter

1 comment:

Valley said...

Excellent details and research - Thanks Mr. Wheatley