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Friday, July 13, 2007

Ogden Valley Ordinances

Ogden Valley Residents:

The Ogden Valley Planning Commission is currently holding work sessions to evaluate the three new ordinances for Ogden Valley. If you have any concerns regarding these ordinances and wish to support or oppose them, now is the time to let the Ogden Valley Planning Commission know how you feel.

You must write your e-mails to the planning clerk and instruct her to give each Commission member a copy. The e-mail is

Don't forget to include your Name, and Address so they know who you are.

As with all issues regarding our Valley, "Speak up for what you want, or take what you get".

Larry and Sharon Zini

The proposed ordinances are available at the Weber County Planning commission site By clicking here


Anonymous said...

Larry, are the rough drafts of the current ordinance proposals posted on any web site. I do think people should read them and make specific comments if they can.

Valley said...

The proposed ordinances are available By clicking here