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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

OV Ordinances Work Sessions & Public Hearing Dates

The Ogden Valley Township Planning Commission has scheduled work sessions for their members to review the three draft Ogden Valley ordinances. The public may attend these work sessions, but MAY NOT provide input to the committee at the time. However, this does not preclude Valley citizens from expressing their feelings to the Ogden Valley Planning Commission via e-mail, US mail or telephone!

Per the Planning Department, the sessions will be on Wednesdays, at 5PM in the County Commission Chambers in Ogden; dates and topics for these work sessions are as follows:
July 11 - Draft Sensitive Lands Ordinance
Aug. 8 - Draft Sensitive Lands & Draft Planned Recreation Resort Zone Ordinances
Sept. 12 - Draft Recreation Resort Zone & Transfer of Development Rights Ordinances
Oct. 10 - Draft Transfer of Development Rights Ordinance

Public Hearing dates have been set on these draft ordinances. However, these dates are predicated on no major rewrites of the ordinances resulting from the work sessions. The hearings will be held at 4:30PM in the County Commission Chambers in Ogden on the dates below:
Aug. 28 - Draft Sensitive Lands Ordinance
Sept. 25 - Draft Recreation Resort Zone Ordinance
Oct. 23 - Draft Transfer of Development Rights Ordinance

Please make your opinions known to the Ogden Valley Township Planning Commission about these ordinances. Let them know if you are for the ordinance(s), against them, or have recommended changes to portions of an ordinance.

Send your comments to:
Be sure to reference Proposed Ogden Valley Ordinances in the subject line, and include your name and valley mailing address.

Copies of your comments can also be sent to the Weber County Commissions and their clerk at:

Your comments may also be mailed to the Planning Commission Office, 2380 Washington Blvd., Suite 240. Ogden, UT 84401.

The VCRD will have Kim Wheatley from GEM as a guest speaker for our next Public Awareness meeting, July 19 at 7PM in the Huntsville Library. Kim will speak and answer questions on the draft ordinances.

Sharon and Larry Zini

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