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Friday, July 20, 2007

County Web problems

At last evening's VCRD meeting one of our members mentioned that they were having a problem sending e-mails to the Weber County Commissioners and their clerk. The messages came back "no such address." Even after verifying with the clerk, Shelly Halacy, that they were using the correct e-mail addresses they could not send their e-mails. Other members indicated they are having a problem with the County's web site.

I spoke with Ms. Halacy this morning about the e-mail problem. She assured me that the e-mail addresses we have are the correct ones for each of the three Weber County Commissioners and herself, and that the procedure for sending e-mails to them has not changed. Ms. Halacy did refer me to the County's information management department to discuss the problem further. I am waiting for a call back from the gentleman who handles e-mail addresses for county employees. I will let you know if and when I learn of a problem from him.

Jody in the County Information Management department told me they are experiencing a problem with the server for the County web site. Not all of the web site is down, but the portion dedicated to the Weber County Commissioners and the Planning Commission is down. Per Joy they have no idea when the problem will be fixed, it may be days or weeks! Since we will not be notified by anyone that the problem has been corrected please keep checking both web sites for access to the information you want.

Sharon Zini
VCRD Secretary

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