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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Two Important Posts!

Heliport for Red Moose Lodge is denied

Today the Weber County Commission by a vote of 3 to 0 sustained the decision of the Ogden Valley Planning Commission to deny the appeal of the Heliport at Red Moose Lodge.

During the public input on this issue, the three County Commissioners made it clear that while they all supported the idea of a Heliport somewhere in Ogden Valley if an ideal location could be found, they did not support the Heliport in the Eden area at Red Moose Lodge.

It was noted by one of the Commissioners that many flights have been made over the years from Ogden Valley without having the proper zoning and permits in place for such flights.

It was also noted by the Commissioners, that under existing Resort zoning ordinances, flights from Snow Basin are only allowed within the boundaries of the Snow Basin Resort.

A Hold is placed on the establishment of an Administrative Control Board for the Ski Lake Special Service District.

The Weber County Commission voted unanimously to place the Ski Lake sewer issue on hold pending additional information and research into the 2004 management agreement between Mountain Sewer and Weber County. In addition, the Commissioners agreed to consider the request by the Mountain Sewer user’s group of a complete, independent financial audit of the books of Mountain Sewer prior to any establishment of a user’s Administrative Control Board.


D. Farnsworth said...

Both of these decisions seem to indicate a more sensitive Weber County Commission on Ogden Valley issues.

My family and I applaud these decisions and hope this will open the door to a more constructive dialog between Valley residents and the County Commissioners.

Whiskey Pete said...

There is a rumor in Ogden Valley that Mountain Sewer is going to ask for a rate increase in the middle of a PSC investigation into poor management, billing omission accusations, and dumping raw sewage in a private community.

Imagine that. Mountain Sewer has been found to have poor billing and record keeping, giving illegal discounts on State regulated hook-up fees, spilling raw sewage at several locations, and they are going to ask for a a rate increase!

Some Valley citizens can hardly wait for the PSC hearings when all these failures at Mountain Sewer can be publicly exposed.

Bring it on Mountain Sewer!