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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ogden Valley Residents, your help is urgently needed!

Postal regulations may affect our post offices
There are proposed postal regulations that may affect our post offices here in the Ogden Valley. They are planning to close small-to-medium size post offices nationwide for economic reasons. Please contact your Senators and Congressmen by April 30, 2011 and ask them not to close post offices here in the Ogden Valley. Let them know how much you need and appreciate your post office by calling, faxing, or writing to them with the information listed below. Explain why we need our post offices.. Time is of the essence and you must act now in an effort to prevent this from happening. Please forward this to as a many individuals as possible.

It is important that you contact your Federal Representatives on this issue, Senator Orrin Hatch, Senator Mike Lee and Representative Rob Bishop. Their e-mail and regular mail along with their telephone numbers are available at the VCRD website under resources and contact local decison makers.

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Frank Nitti said...

Ogden Valley could get along with one post office, it may cause a little heart burn for some, but I am encouraged to see the Feds even looking at reducing spending anywhere.

It seems when any level of government does something about spending, they always cut services or raise taxes. Wouldn't it be novel if the just tried to improve productivity? How outrageous to ask that each employee do a little more to make the government run more efficient.

President Obama said the other day that people that make a lot of money shouldn't complain about additional taxes, well government employees at every level should work a little harder without complaint to save the government and thus the taxpayers money.