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Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Ogden Valley Planning Commission denies changes

On Tuesday night, the Ogden Valley Planning Commissioners voted unanimously (7 to 0) to recommend denial of a request to amend and change the plans for the Edgewater Beach Resort located at HWY. 39 and Old Snow Basin Rd. At one point the Commissioners appeared ready to table the request, but instead reversed course and recommended denial of the proposed changes for several specific reasons.

This property, now owned by Celtic Bank, has been the subject of numerous changes and modification proposals since 2003. The Commissioners indicated that each new modification seems to denigrate the original intent of the development and raised may questions on several issues. It was originally owned by a local developer who lost it to the lending bank a few years ago.

The request to amend and change the plans for the resort will go to the Weber County Commissioners for review and a final vote. No date has been set for this hearing.

An agenda item regarding zoning changes for helicopter service in Ogden Valley was tabled until June to allow the Planning Commission members to review the broader issues of all aircraft use in Ogden Valley.


Laura said...

Nice piece of journalism. Appreciated.

Valley said...

Thanks Laura.