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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Green Valley Acadamy Update

Happy Easter everyone!

There have been a few new developments in the Green Valley Academy saga.

First, we were forwarded this email:
Hey Folks!
Just an update. On Monday April 18, 2011 an injunction was filed in Judicial Court regarding GVA.  We would like to extend our appreciation to Chris and Sue Johnson and Kathy Peterson for all their work in making this happen. In the coming days we will have updates as to the result and any hearing dates that might be attendable by the public.  Again just a reminder about the Fund at Zions Bank under the name "Ogden Valley Protection Fund" any donations are greatly appreciated. 
Ogden Valley Protection Counsel
   "For the Greater Good of the Valley"
We also were tipped off of the following in an anonymous post, which we did not publish since the author could not follow our simple rules:
Deed recorded April 14th, to BALMER watch for the well driller soon,,..... 
We checked it out on the Weber County GIS site and the deed for Serial # 21-025-0012

is in fact in  the name of:

1 comment:

SundanceKid said...

The only thing they have done is purchased property. They have not filed a permit.. there are about 10 people closly monitoring that through the Utah Drinking Water Division.