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Friday, April 29, 2011

Happy Birthday To The Ogden Valley Forum

Five years old and just getting started!

With all of the brouhaha surrounding the Royal Wedding, we nearly forgot our 5th birthday.  On April 28, 2006, the Ogden Valley Forum was born with this riveting post:
Many changes are occurring in and around our valley. Whether you are a long term and full time resident, or a more recent part time transplant, these many changes and issues will affect us all. Growth, traffic, and Sewage and water issues are a huge concern and have been limited largely to the north side of the valley, but there are now several developments proposed on the South side. Large developments that are in various stages of planning and approval from the County.

This venue is intended to serve as a non-partisan public community forum, providing citizens of Ogden Valley Utah a cyber focal point within which to discuss, debate and rant about any and all local governmental policies and issues in and around Huntsville, Eden and Liberty, Utah.

Users are invited to visit, chat, argue, bicker, promote and co-ordinate political events, post, link and read articles, and whatever else -- so long as they observe a reasonable level of civility and decorum. For those folks new to blogging, consider this blog a cyber "letters-to-editor" venue, with a lot more of a free-wheeling attitude than you'll find in your hometown newspaper.

If you want to put in your $.02, just post your own comments with the comments button. The comments interface is similar to the one you probably use for regular email. For those of you more familiar with the ways of the blogosphere, you already know the drill, so have at it and enjoy.
 After 5 years, now is a good time to reflect.  Have we lived up to our original goals?

Let us know while we celebrate with a slice of cake, a scoop of ice cream and a glass Martinelli's Sparkling Apple Juice.


Tristan said...

Congratulations on your 5th anniversary. The Ogden Valley Forum has been a constructive platform for our area and has provided information and feedback on issues that affect our Valley residents.

Thank you blogmaister

LeeAnn said...

Thank you so much, We do not get a paper, thus this OV forum keeps us informed.
Thank you again and for your hard work.

RudiZink said...

Happy B'day OVF!!!!

Time flies when yer havin' fun, dunnit?