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Monday, April 18, 2011

Public Hearing Wednesday regarding the Huntsville and Southern Ogden Valley Sewer Study

Guest Post by Ron Gleason

Reminder that there is a public meeting Wednesday April 20, 2011 at 7pm at the Huntsville library to review the details of the Huntsville and Southern Ogden Valley Sewer Study.

The study can be found at this link

It is important for you to attend so you understand why a sewer system is being considered, what is the process and who is going to make the final decision, how might you be affected, what are the potential costs and much more.

Representatives from Weber County Engineering, Town Huntsville Town Council, Sunrise Engineering and Utah Department of Water Quality will be in attendance to address and answer your question

See you there and please tell your neighbors


ron gleason said...

had approximately 10 people attend the meeting last night. Many good questions from the audience.

My summary:

State is pushing hard for sewer system for Huntsville and South end of the valley. They are convinced, with no empirical evidence, that removal of septic tanks will help protect the quality of the water in Pineview and the ground water in this end of the valley.

Grants and loans are being dangles as carrots; $3.8 million for a grant and $10.2 million loan at 0% for 30 years.

The state is painting the picture that this will be the cheapest option homeowners will ever see; $58 per month versus an amount up to $120 a month if we are forced to do something in the future with bond money.

The town of Huntsville City Council and Weber County Commissioners are taking input. The town will accept input till May 26th and vote on whether to move forward June 2nd. The county is vague on their process.

Time to formulate your stance and let your public officials know where you stand.

Ron Gleason

ron gleason said...

Oops, first sentence should have read .. approximately 100 people attended the meeting

Valley Advocate said...

Some of us in attendance last night In Huntsville were struck by the lack of leadership from our State and County officials.

We elect our County and State leaders to make hard decisions on difficult issues. Instead, what we heard were vague references on what might happen down the road if we don't do anything about the pollution that is affecting Pineview reservoir. While it is important to canvass the affected public on their views on Pineview pollution, it is incumbent on the leaders of the County and State to act based on their best information since they are the experts. If we leave the decision to residents about costs and possible explosive growth if we put in a good sewer system, (all valid concerns) we may miss the opportunity to address what may prove to be a serious threat to our lifestyle in the Valley.

At some point, acting in a definitive manner about the pollution of Pineview reservoir WON'T be an option if the pollution continues at the present pace. When that happens, draconian measures may be imposed on Ogden Valley residents to try and save the body of water that means so much to Ogden Valley and Weber County.

As we see in Washington DC, it is very easy to kick the can down the road and let someone else fix the problem. Consider this, would the State water people be examining our reservoir if there was nothing to worry about? There are clear indications that unless action is taken on the pollution of Pineview, we face some serious consequences in future.

North Valley Resident said...

First of all is there really pollution? If so, where is it coming from? Is it really coming from septic tanks in Huntsville? Tp test this, it would be a good idea to stop all boating and swimming in Pineview for a couple of years and then test the water again. Ever see a boater dump into a lake? Ever see little kids, with their parents ok, or not, eliminate in the water they are playing in?

If there is still pollution after 2 years, then what would need to be done is the elimination of all wildlife anywhere in or near the lake. Fence it off and cover it with netting for two years and test it again. Ever see what a large flock of Geese do to the shore around North Arm? What about Pelicans, Sandhill Cranes, varmits, deer, fish and frogs, other flying birds, insects etc. How about the cricks and streams flowing into Pineview. What about the critters using them as toilets?

After 2 years without animals or humans using the water (probably need to remove the fish) test it again. If you still have pollution, then the problem could be the septic systems. 58.00 a month to send poop off to someplace special seems a bit much. However the up side is that once there is a sewer, then one can clean one's paint brushes and greasy auto parts in a sink without having to worry about hurting the bacteria in the septic tank. That is a plus. Beats pouring solvents and old paint on the ground in the back yard.
What bothers me is that if it can happen in Huntsville, it can happen in Eden. And no one will ever really know if we really needed it or not. Sounds like a Federal project.

Skip The Dog said...

North Valley,
You forgot to eliminate all the live stock and pets in Ogden Valley. We could be just like Big and Little Cottonwood Canyon where pets are not authorized.

Valley Advocate said...

The point that may be overlooked is no one in authority wants to admit that this reservoir is in bad shape. Several years ago, I attended a GEM meeting to discuss the same kind of water analysis. The report then said Pineview was polluted, but the GEM members voted to change the wording to impaired. That was a disservice to our Valley and its residents. We could have had a five year jump on this pollution problem.

The County Commissioners and real estate interests are not for any truth telling that may impact sales or development, then and now.