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Friday, October 01, 2010

Weber County Commission Candidate Drew Johnson's Speech At a Recent Meet The Candidate Event

Meet the Candidate event, hosted by Weber 912

The following is the speech Drew Johnson gave at the Meet the Candidate event September 22nd at Christian Heritage School.

Thank you very much. It is a pleasure to be here. I am not going to take as much time today as the other candidates because I plan to be plain, simple and direct.
Your politicians are not working for you. They haven't been for a long time and I believe there is a growing sense of frustration showing because of it.

THAT is why I am here tonight.I AM HERE FOR YOU.YOU ARE MY SPECIAL INTEREST. No lobbyists, no agendas, JUST YOU.

I am here because I care about my community and the people that live here, which is why I have no affiliations to take away from working for you, MY EMPLOYERS.A novel concept, to be sure. One that has been lost along the way.

I own and operate two small businesses in Weber County and I know how hard it is to get by. Which is why we must start talking about how we can start SAVING money, not SPENDING money.That's why we need to fix our property tax system, to make it more of a fair and balanced system.

Your ELECTED representatives raised your mill levy tax this year to balance the budget, but what they didn't tell you is all they had to do was collect the ALREADY PAST DUE, unpaid corporate-owned property taxeswhich would have given us a budget surplusand would have SAVED each and every one of you money. Your elected leaders are not working for you.

Now they would have you think that collecting the unpaid taxes is just going to chase old ladies out of their houses, but that is nowhere near the truth. The people not paying are the fat cats-- big corporations.They might even pawn it off as a state problem. To me that's passing the buck.Once again. Your elected leaders are not working for you.

I believe in the Constitution. I believe in government representing the people.I believe in responsible spending and responsible saving. I believe in a common sense, hard work approach.

If you are happy with the way things are~ then go ahead and vote for Jan. But if you're FED UP, LIKE I AM,Vote for Drew this November and let's bring government back to the people!

Thank you and Good Night.


David said...

What a novel idea, our elected officials working for us not for an agenda that is not in keeping with the "will of the people" I like what I am hearing from Drew (except for the bashing business side)

I was taught that the elected officials are to represent the voters not ignore the voters, sounds like Drew has it right.

Zapata said...

When Drew asked Zogmaister why the County is not better in collecting delinquent property taxes and ending abuses on agriculture zoning and double dipping by some residents on the primary property tax exemptions, she was evasive and tap dancing all over the place. She blamed everyone but herself and her fellow elected Commissioners who have been in power for years!

Let's get that clown Zogmaister out of office and do not elect Kerry Gibson, he is more of the same real estate and developer cabal that means more of the same.

Gladiator said...

Right on Zapata! Just think about it when you send in your property tax payments on time this year. You are subsidizing large landowners and businesses than don't pay their taxes on time. Time for a change? You bet.

Git sum cattle said...

Looks like our state rep has his property taxes all worked out with his buffalo and cattle ranch on 5.25 he doesn't have to pay what he REALLY should like the rest of us....check it out on the Weber County site....