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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

County Commission Candidates Respond To Our Questionnaire -- UPDATED

On October 12, 2010 the Ogden Valley Forum sent out a Questionnaire via email to the five Weber County Commission Candidates.  We asked six questions of the candidates that were related to Ogden Valley issues and allowed the candidates unlimited space for additional comments.  We set a deadline for the responses of October 20th.  We sent a reminder out to the candidates on October 20th as a couple of the candidates had not yet responded.

Ultimately, we received responses from every Commission Candidate except Kerry Gibson.  Interestingly, in the November 1, 2010 issue of the Ogden Valley news, a letter to the editor from Kerry Gibson states,
First, a warm thank you to the owners of The Ogden Valley News for donating space to the many candidates to publish their biographies.  This is a public service that cannot be underestimated.

It would appear that I was one of the few candidates that didn't supply the Valley citizens with my contact information via my biography.  While slightly embarrassing, I promise it was unintentional.  Mistakes happen.  It's how we handle them that counts.  Rest assured, I am available.  My constituents can attest to this.
 Mr. Gibson goes on to tout his relationships with his constituents and fellow Legislators.

We will leave it to our humble readers to decide who best will serve the interests of not only Ogden Valley, but the entire Weber County.

Click here to read the responses to our questions

What say our Ogden Valley faithful about the upcoming Weber County Commission election?

UPDATE: 10/27/10 @ 9:30 PM

We just received a classic follow the money tip from a faithful follower.

Before you make that final decision on who to vote for, be sure to see who has supported the candidates with their pocket books.  We found some very peculiar and interesting donors.

2010 Campaign Finance Disclosures - Major Weber County Candidates

Of particular interest is Kerry Gibson, who raised some $48,000 in his campaign war chest (15 TIMES the amount of his competitor).  Some of his larger "donors" include The Utah Association of Realtors ($2,500), Powder Mountain Resort Managements ($1,000), Gregg & Amy Greer [CEO of Powder Mountain] ($1,000), Energy Solutions ($600) and others.

Click here to view Kerry Gibson's Campaign Financial Report 2010

Jan Zogmaister's is also interesting.  Contributors include:  Northern Wasatch Association of Realtors ($1,000), Infamous Huntsville developer Ron Catanzero ($200) and others.

Click here to view Jan Zogmaister's Campaign Financial Report 2010

We will note that when we set out to question our candidates several weeks ago, we had no intention of following the money.  Our intent was to provide an unbiased overview of the candidate's views on a variety of issues facing Weber County so our readers could more easily make an informed decision.

While we had heard rumors that certain candidates were Realtor and developer shills, we tried to look at this important race without bias.  In this "pay to play" state of Utah politics, it would appear that some candidates are being supported by interests that don't align with those of most residents.

With a war chest 15 times that of his opponent, it is no wonder Mr. Gibson feels safe in snubbing the lowly folks at the Ogden Valley News and the Ogden Valley Forum.

Follow the money!!


Mr. Crabtree said...

Zogmaister is not honest. On the property tax numbers she quotes, she says only 6% don't pay on time. She does not say that that 6% is where all the money is.(millions of dollars every year) These are mostly large landowners and business owners that flout the poor collection methods by Weber County to use these unpaid taxes as a low interest loan.

There are three areas within the county collection responsibilities for property taxes that could be improved that would bring money into the county coffers to reduce the amount of property taxes.

1. Deny further planning work to the people that don't pay on time. 2. Expose and collect from those that abuse the agricultural zoning 3. Expose and collect from those that claim multiple exemptions for their primary home.

When all this was brought to Zogmaister's attention 3 years ago, she said there was nothing the County could do. She is just protecting the business and large landowners that feed her campaign chest.

Vote for Drew Johnson for Seat B!

Red Ryder said...

Jan Zogmaister opposes Ethics reform for the same reason the entrenched politicians do. They don't want citizens pointing out their problems.

Zogmaister was so "Ethical" she and Bischoff and Deardern appointed a Cobabe family member to the Ogden Valley Planning Commission just before the Powder Mountain issue started. After it was revealed that the family owned 200+ acres up there and the appointment was clearly a conflict of interest, they refused to address the matter even though it was in violation of the County rules on conflict of interest.

Zogmaister is a loser, and she has done enough damage to Ogden Valley for a lifetime.

Vote for any other candidate than her for seat B.

Common Sense said...

Vote Against Zogmaister and Elect Morgan for Seat A. Vote Against Gibson and Elect Wicks for Seat B.

Hopeful in Huntsville said...

Amy Wicks and T.R. Morgan make sense. With them on the Commission they could really make a difference for the valley and the county. Not your politics as usual.

The Best of Both Worlds said...

I agree with "Hopeful." They both reside in the lower valley but care for the upper valley. The best of both worlds. Amy Wicks and TR Morgan for me.

D8 voter said...

Exemptions....abuse of multiple ones for primary residence....take a look at mister Froerer our esteemed state rep....disgusting....farmland my eye.

John Adams said...

I am hopeful that the voters will wake up and kick out Zogmaister, reject Kerry Gibson, and vote in Wicks and Drew Johnson.

Can you imagine the titanic shift in the political power in Weber County if Wicks and Johnson are elected? The good old Real Estate and developer groups would have a stroke and demand recounts!

You have that opportunity to make a difference in Weber County.

Hopeful in Huntsville said...

third parties don't win in Utah the only way to get zog out is to vote for morgan.

Robert said...

Drew spends alot of time pointing out problems and little time giving possible solutions. His responses were short and offered no real solutions to the problems in the valley. T.R. Morgan has real solutions and cares about the residents of the Valley.

d8voter said...

whats up with Brad Dee donating $1000 of his campaign contributions 9/1/2010 to Jerrod Dearden????

Don't Be Fooled said...

I am disgusted by the list of contributors to Gibson and Zogmaister.

Gibson has spent more on the campaign than the rest of the candidates combined.