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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Standard Examiner Endorses Weber County Commission Candidate Amy Wicks

The Standard-Examiner editorial board endorsed current Ogden City Council member Amy Wicks this morning for the Weber County Commission seat "B."

Our old pal Rudi has done a masterful job of compiling a couple of Standard Examiner articles along with video interviews of both candidates:   Standard All Star Amy Wicks and Kerry Gibson.

Be sure to watch the end of Amy's interview where she discusses "openness in government."  Wouldn't openness be a refreshing change for Weber County politics?


Abner said...

We have an opportunity to elect Amy Wicks for seat B on the Weber County Commission. Her election would be a plus for everyone in Weber County and particularly for those of us that live in Ogden Valley.

We are the cash tax cow for Weber County except we don't see any of the cash except when we pay our taxes going to them. We need someone that cares about this Valley.

Vote for Amy Wicks for seat B, and anyone but Zogmaister for Seat A.

Laura said...

When you hear Zogmaister bragging about bringing growth to Ogden Valley, think of the financial collapse of Wolf Creek.

During the tour of Powder Mountain properties early in the game, all voters should have heard the shrill voice of Zogmaister telling everyone what a plus this "Mega Resort" was going to be. You can be sure that if the single access road went past her home, she would have had a different response.

Zogmaister abandoned the citizens of Ogden Valley when push came to shove on the Powder Mountain question. When asked why she did not vote against the incorporation of the town when some of her constituents would lose their civil rights, she refused to answer.

lil abner said...

T.R. Morgan to replace Zogmaister!