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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Zogmaister abandoned the citizens of Ogden Valley

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By Laura

When you hear Zogmaister bragging about bringing growth to Ogden Valley, think of the financial collapse of Wolf Creek.

During the tour of Powder Mountain properties early in the game, all voters should have heard the shrill voice of Zogmaister telling everyone what a plus this "Mega Resort" was going to be. You can be sure that if the single access road went past her home, she would have had a different response.

Zogmaister abandoned the citizens of Ogden Valley when push came to shove on the Powder Mountain question. When asked why she did not vote against the incorporation of the town when some of her constituents would lose their civil rights, she refused to answer.



Zogmaister is a fraud. She mouths platitudes about serving the public, then goes about doing the bidding of her true masters, the Utah League of Cities and Towns and the real estate/developer contingent (actually the same thing as the ULCT). She needs to GO.
Amazingly telling that Ron CatanzEro (nice work, Valley), with his empire falling to pieces around him and the lenders repo'ing his properties seemingly daily, still has $200 for his good ol' friend Zoggie's campaign. I guess one never knows when one will need another "favor," eh, Ron? Zoggie?

Hopeful in Huntsville said...

Amy Wicks and T.R. Morgan make sense. With them on the Commission they could really make a difference for the valley and the county. Not your politics as usual. The only way to ensure Zog loses is to vote for T.R. Morgan.

NelsonHome said...

Or vote for Drew! Truly a local.