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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Early Voting Is Under Way

In an important mid-term election year, several important races are heating up in Weber County.  In coming days we will post the results of some questions we asked of the Weber County Commission candidates.

In the mean time, don't miss these recent Standard Examiner articles on the ever important subject of County leadership:

Weber County Commission Seat A

Weber County Commission Seat B

Be sure to check out Rudi's most excellent Candidate profile post to be an informed voter.

Standard-Examiner WEBER Plus 2010 Election Candidate Digest

Don't forget to vote, ye Ogden Valley Faithful.  Who will you be voting for????


RudiZink said...

Interesting post in today's New York Times, arguing on the basis of statistical data that "early voting" actually suppresses overall voter turnout:

Voting Early, but Not So Often

Ann Treadwell said...

Seat - A. This is a no brainer. Zogmaister has been a loser for the people of Ogden Valley since she took office. She tried to broker the Powder Mountain deal with lies and her ever present lack of integrity. Vote for Drew Johnson.

Seat B -Kerry Gibson represents the real estate/developer cabal in our state. He will be more of the same old stuff that has occupied the Commissioner's chairs the last 5 years.

Vote for Amy Wicks!

D8 voter said...

Speaking of real estate Gage for Alan Wheelwright

Hopeful in Huntsville said...

third parties don't win. the only way to ensure Zog doesn't get in is to vote for Morgan.