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Friday, February 24, 2012

Weber High Girls To Play For State 5A Title - UPDATED

The Weber High Girls Basketball team defeated Riverton 50-42 today and will now face Region 1 rival Syracuse Saturday for the Utah State 5A Championship.

Game time is 1 pm at the Salt Lake Community College in their Lifetime Learning Center.

One of Weber's star players is Chantil Martin of Liberty.

Dress in Red and Black, make the short drive to Salt Lake, and cheer on the Warriors.

UPDATE: 2/25/12 @ 5pm 
After trailing by just one point 26-25 at halftime, the Lady Warriors came up short in a 63-50 finish.  The Syracuse Titans finished the season undefeated with a 22-0 record while the Weber Warriors ended the season 18-7. 
This marks the first time in history that the Weber High Girls have gone to the state finals.  We-think second place ain't half bad.


Dicklick said...

who cares

Ogden Valley said...

Dicklick, your name speaks for itself.

Ogden Valley said...

 Your name speaks for itself.   Quite a vocabulary you have.