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Thursday, February 09, 2012

Weber County Board of Adjustment meeting- Be there!!!

Weber County Center
2380 Washington Ogden UT
February 22, 2012
Time 4:30 pm

The Agenda is an appeal by Richard Ralph Jones & Rulon Kent Jones represented by Garet Jones
land Use Permit LUP 64 2011

This permit is for the Meat Elk Processing & Packing business in our neighborhood around 4100 N 3800 E Liberty UT

We have experienced Semi Trucks early morning & midday Pickup trucks & flat bed trucks with uncovered full animal carcasses.
A honey bucket is in the Public Right of way. The front of the building is 29 feet from the public right of way.

This single permit like this can set a president for all of Weber County. We are asking Ogden Valley residents that are concerned to attend and provide input on this issue.

Contact Sandy Tuck at 801-745-6687 or Scott Mendoza at 801-399-8764 with any questions.

Sandy Tuck

1 comment:

Jim Wilson said...

How could they, in their right minds, overrule the Ombudsman's recommendation?  Oh, wait.  This is Weber County.