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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

REMINDER: Board of Adjustment meeting this afternoon @ 4:30 PM

Here are the details:

Weber County Center
2380 Washington Ogden UT
February 22, 2012
Time 4:30 pm 
The Agenda is an appeal by Richard Ralph Jones & Rulon Kent Jones represented by Garet Jones, land Use Permit LUP 64 2011

This permit is for the Meat Elk Processing & Packing business in the neighborhood of 4100 N 3800 E Liberty UT.
Our readers will remember the ongoing Elk Processing saga, but just in case you need to brush up, we'll include a link here. 
If you would like to review the agenda, click here.

Attend the meeting then update us by posting the results in the comments section at the end of the meeting.

1 comment:

Rsor said...

I attended the Board of Adjustments meeting tonight and took
a few notes.

The meeting started with Doug Dickson stating he had a
conflict of interest.   There was a
lengthy discussion, but ultimately Doug recused himself and an alternate took
his spot.   The alternate was Rex Mumford, of Huntsville.   That process took about 30 minutes.

Jason Nelson, the attorney representing the Jones', made his
case stating that the meat cutting was ancillary to the domestic elk farm.  He went on to say that there was one large
business (a domestic elk ranch) and several smaller businesses,  all working under the umbrella of the larger
business.  Those businesses include an
Elk Hunting operation and a meat cutting operation.

Board member Phil Hancock asked, "Who owns the Elk once
blood is drawn."  Attorney Nelson
had Garrett Jones step up to the mike to answer and Garrett concurred that once
shot, then the elk is the shooter's property.

Deone Smith asked Garett several questions about disturbing
the neighbors.  She asked, "What
remedies have you taken to appease the neighbors?"    She also asked if he had tried talking with
the neighbors.

They also said that while licensed to cut all types of meat,
the Jones' business was limited to Elk. 
They also said that the Elk arrive beheaded , cleaned and skinned.

Attorney Jodi Hoffman, representing neighbor Brett Barry,
then made her presentation.  She stated
that Brett is 130' from the facility. 
She showed a nighttime picture of a hog hanging by its feet that appeared ready to be slaughtered.  She also showed a hand painted sign that

Prime Cut Co

Wild Game, Beef, etc.

Cut and packaged

The Jones' attorney countered by stating that the hog
belonged to a family member and was a onetime event.

After both sides rested, Rex Mumford made a motion to allow
citizens to comment on the matter while limiting the comments to no more than
three minutes.  No one seconded the
motion, and the motion died for lack of a second.

The board decided to deliberate in private and present their
decision in public.

Their unanimous decision was to uphold the ombudsman and
county commission's recommendation.

Richard Sorensen