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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Utah Legislative Reform Needed - Sign the petition now!

Now that the 2010 Legislative session has come and gone with HB 218 once again dying on the vine without an up or down vote, it has become more and more obvious that Ethics in our legislature is severely lacking.   Not to mention the latest events with Rep. Garn and Senator Kilpack.

Rudi summarizes the problem best here:

Weber County Forum readers got a pretty harsh dose of reality regarding the depth of ethical problems in the Utah Legislature just last week, of course, when Rep. Gage Froerer candidly informed us that elements within the Utah Senate were putting the arm on the Ogden Valley citizens for a cool 25 Grand... you know ... to hire a lobbyist to grease the skids for his HB 218 [wink-wink]. It's in that context that we thought UEG's new TeeVee commercial might strike a lumpencitizen nerve, and spur on any readers who haven't yet signed the petition to get to it right now:

Here's the link to the UEG electronic petition; and here are the links to the other two petitions (including Fair Boundaries) which are still in circulation and in need of your signatures.

Be sure to watch the 60 second video, sign the petition, then distribute this to friends, neighbors and spouses throughout the land of Zion.

The petitions have also been added to our Petition Center in the Upper right sidebar.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great blog. We appreciate your support. The ethics initiative must make it to the ballot! We still need more signautres in the Ogden area.

Kim Burningham
Utahns for Ethical Government

Larry and Sharon Zini said...

Kim, Sign on when you blog with a name you choose. We normally delete anonymous comments. Yours does have the name on it.

Thank you.

Joe Friday said...

Ethics reform begins with electing another Representative other than Gage Froerer and another Senator other than the less than brave Alan Christensen who votes with the Realtor cabal out of fear.

blackrulon said...

I was under the impression, mistake apparently, that our elected representatives, being paid by the taxpayers were the citizens lobbysit.