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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Treasure Trove Of News From Huntsville

Here is some more red meat news from Huntsville.

School building was the heart of Huntsville

In this excellent letter to the editor, 57 year Huntsville fixture Erma Wilson unleashes on the Weber County School Board.

Mrs. Wilson states,
What has the Weber County School Board done to our town? As a citizen of Huntsville for 57 years, I feel like the heart of our town has been torn out because of the destroying of our Valley Elementary School building.

When we moved here in 1953, this town really had a lot of community spirit and a lot had to do with the school building. Besides the normal functions, there were dances sometimes in the evening when whole families would attend and participate. Also there were productions, weddings and ball games. One of our special principals, Carl DeYoung, allowed a formal dance to be held, with formal dresses and boutonnieres. Only people who live in a small town could appreciate what a big deal that was.

As for more somber news from Huntsville, one of the founders of the Monastery has passed at age 93.

Saying goodbye to Brother Felix

Be sure to read the comments, watch the video and review the history of the Monastery in the sidebar.

On a lighter note,  The Shooting Star Saloon in Huntsville made Skiing Magazines list of:

Four Iconic Ski Bars We Hope Don't Burn Down

 Comments anyone???


The rest of the story said...

Interestingly, the school district's facilities manager who made the recommendation to move the school is the nephew of Mrs. Wilson.

Old Huntsville Resident said...

In Huntsville Town, everyone who is not an out of Stater is related in one manner or another.

Sure makes it hard to staff a water board or Town Council, since there are so many relatives floating around making Conflicts of Interest very common.

But Irma Wilson has her own mind and speaks it on behalf of most of us here in Town. She is a rare public servant who has served honorably as the Town Historian for more than 37years. And her husband, Doug Wilson, was about the best Mayor of Huntsville to date.

Those on the Weber School District Board who gutted the core of Huntsville, yielding to pressures from California transplants in Eden and Liberty need to have their terms as Board members buried on site along with the concrete remains of Valley Elementary.

Except for the aforementioned District Facilities Manager, who needs to tarred and feathered, no matter who he is related too.