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Friday, March 26, 2010

American Legion Needs Immediate Help To Send Local Girls To Girls State - UPDATED‏

We received this important email today for a very worthy cause:


I received a call from a good friend tonight, Cory Thompson, who is on the American Legion Son's board.  There have been some recent changes at the legion and they just became aware of a rapidly approaching deadline to send local Girls to Girls State in Cedar City this June.  Basically, they have until Friday, March 26th (today) to raise an additional $400 or so which will allow them to send 9 girls from the Valley.

I also found that Boy's state had been overlooked and I suggested that we do a last ditch effort to raise as much as possible so the Legion is able to sponsor at least one or two local boys this year for boys state (or at least a partial sponsorship).  Boys State is a little more at $375 per student.  Here is a link to Boys State.
After my junior year of High school, I was fortunate enough to attend Boys State along with 6 or 8 fellow Valley-ites.  Most of us would not have been able to attend if it weren't for the generosity of American Legion Post 129.  Of the 15-20 Weber High boys who attended that year, nearly half were from the Valley thanks to our local legion post. 

It was an incredible experience that delved into the inner workings of our government and helped to prepare many of us with a foundation to go out into the real world.

Would you consider sending this on to your email list in hopes of soliciting financial support.


Richard Sorensen
Former Utah Boy's State Attendee (1982)

PS  For more information or to donate, please contact

Cory Thompson @ 801-458-2674


Tracy Wixon @ 801-645-8082

The legion opens at 4 PM Friday so donations may be delivered directly to the Legion in Huntsville as well.  It is located directly south of the Chevron station.

Donations are Tax deductible and checks should be made out to the American Legion Axillary.

The Kind folks of the Valley are always willing to pony up to help their neighbors, and this is an excellent opportunity to provide the leaders of tomorrow with a strong foundation.

UPDATE:  3-31-10

Thanks to the generosity of Ogden Valley supporters, we heard today that the American Legion was able to raise the money to send 9 girls to Girls State in Cedar City.  More money poured in and the Legion will be able to at least partially sponsor a small handful of Boys for Boys State as well. 

We applaud the Legion's desire to renew the tradition of sending Valley students to Boys and Girls State and thanks to all who stepped up for the cause.  We understand one local business owner/elected state representative generously  forked over enough to cover the girls costs.

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