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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Amy Wicks Highlighted in Today's Standard

Weber County Commission candidate Amy Wicks was profiled in todays Standard Examiner.
From the article:
She said it took a long time to decide whether to run.

"I had people trying to talk me into running for a while," she said. "I lost a lot of sleep over it and finally decided to file."

She believes people asked her to run because of the fiscal responsibility and transparency in decision-making she would like to add to the commission.
Many right here in Ogden Valley have been encouraging Amy to run and we at the Forum feel she is the right choice for not only Ogden Valley residents, but the entire county.
Bischoff has done a good job, she said, but has served for quite a while, so she thinks a change would do the commission some good.

Although Wicks has filed as a Democrat, she said she is not used to partisan politics.

"Most of the time, I've voted for the issue or the person, not the party, so this is a whole new ballgame for me," she said. "Hopefully it can bring some common sense and transparency to the commission."
That is precisely what we need, Amy.  Thanks for stepping up to the challenge!


Machman said...

Great ink!

And although Amy Wicks is running as a Democrat, her sound and common sense approaches to Ogden municipal decision making have made her the most respected member of the Ogden City Council. She has proven she has what it takes to stand up against those forces which presistently are trying to force bad decisions upon the citizens of Ogden.

She, like so many of us, is truly an independent thinker, without Party affiliations, with her priorities straight about who she represents. And she has a proven record of clear and rational decision making for citizens, and NOT for any special interest groups or lobby efforts.

Amy Wicks is a rare and very valuable public servant willing to endure hardships in order to defend all our rights.

Please vote for her based upon her proven track record as a public servant and not a sock puppet weasel for special interests.

I hear her opponent, a Republican, Gibson has been in the legislature for several terms. And in fact is from here in the Valley. But where has he been? I have lived in the Valley for more than twenty years and have never even heard of this guy?

Do we want a stealth Commissioner or a public servant who will actively support Ogden Valley issues? Who will regularly consult with us here in the Ogden Valley and make decisions that make sense for us?

Amy Wicks has the Chutzpah to stand up against the Mayor of Ogden, when he is and has been wrong, (which is much of the time). And she will stand up for all of us here in the Valley as well. And THAT my friends would be a very welcome change indeed.

Mr and Mrs North said...

Right on Machman

We need Amy Wicks to bring some needed change to the Weber County Commission.

She has the experience and drive to challenge the old
way of thinking that has ruled for the last several years in Weber County.

Think about your property taxes in the last 5 years with the current leadership.

Freedom said...

Too bad she didn't continue her independence and run as an Independent. Money talks....and it apparently spoke loud enough from the Democrats that she listened.

I've really struggled with this. Her whole appeal is her independence, her lack of 'politics as usual'. Yet, moving into a party where financial support is promised to win? Is this not 'politics as usual'?

Justify as you will.....the writing on this wall is in plain print.

Free at last, Free at last said...

Freedom rider,

The writing on the wall is that a non Republican in Ute-ah will have a helluva time winning any election. Money talks, as you said.

An Independent is all alone while the only other legitimate party in the US offered to help with the campaign.

She had no other choice in my view.

Tell me how anyone can win without financial support from someone? Be it wealthy supporters, a political party, or a strong and powerful group of Realtors.

Who are you supporting Freedom writer?