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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Breaking News! Ogden Council Member Amy Wicks Running For Weber County Commission

You will hear much more in coming months, but Amy Wicks has filed as a candidate for the position of Weber County Commissioner.  Amy is a very strong supporter of Ogden Valley and our issues and has an impressive resume' which includes a stint as Chair of the Ogden City Council.

Quite simply, Amy will bring some common sense, fiscal responsibility, accountability and transparency into the Weber County Commission.

Be sure to visit the Weber County Forum today for more and don't miss the readers comments section.

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Change in the Wind said...

Amy Wicks is a candidate that can galvanize all of Weber County. The Ogden Valley residents have been told that they don't have the political power to effect any change in the leadership. The Valley citizens working in concert with the West Weber citizens have an opportunity to make an historic change in our County Government. Let's get behind Amy Wicks!

Laughing out LOUD said...

I love it. Did any of you see the comment from "Getin or shut up" in the Weber Blog?

Here are some choice excepts:

1. .. they know the process and they will use it to the best of their advantage ...

2. .. I guess we all want to wine and complain ...

Sounds on the mark to me!!!!

Joe Friday said...

for "laughing out loud",

Some folks actually think informing and educating is what is needed in order to get the best representation possible at every Governmental level.

You sound as if you could use some education and information. It helps with the cynicism...which is a poor man's wisdom.

Keep laughing though. Your support of those who are pulling your strings must make it a very nervous laugh.