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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Powder Mountain Ski Resort Boycott - Now is the time!!

With Prime time of the ski season rapidly approaching, the week or so from Christmas through New Years, the time is right for Utah residents (and the rest of the world) to show their displeasure of the numerous antics of the Powder Mountain owners and management team.   A dent in their pocket book may be the only way to show the greedy developers our displeasure.

A boycott is certainly not a new idea as we promoted one in July when season ticket sales were kicked off.  Our intel informs us that season ticket sales are substantially down over last year.  In February 2008, a boycott was also kicked off garnering significant support and media attention.

More recently, a lower key, word of mouth boycott has been initiated and we feel it is time to get the word out to the masses.

Our once family and locals friendly Powder Mountain has gone the way of bottom line corporate greed.  Every step of the way, Powder Mountain continues to snub their nose at residents, neighbors and even employees.  They have lost dozens of long term veterans on their employee and volunteer staff, some with over 30 years of service.  Some were fired while others resigned in protest.

The snubbing of Ogden Valley began in 2007 when the new owners/developers (more affectionately known as the "PERPS") made extensive rezone and density requests from the Ogden Valley Planning Commission.  Ultimately, the request was approved with several contingencies, but that was not good enough for the PERPS.

The PERPS objected to the contingencies and filed for Incorporation in early 2008 under the flawed HB466 - a law that was only on the books of the State of Utah for one year.

They have continued down the road of forcing residents into their company town and the case has now been appealed to the Utah State Supreme Court.  The overwhelming majority of the "forced" residents of Powder Mountain Town (Powderville) oppose the incorporation and feel their Constitutional rights are being violated.

In January 2009, the PERPS vigorously and successfully lobbied against a proposed bill that would have allowed residents of a town incorporated under HB466 the ability to file for immediate disincorporation.  A similar bill is being proposed for the upcoming legislative session and the PERPS will certainly vigorously fight the bill once again.

More recently, Powder Mountain requested that a public access trail be closed during the winter months so Powder Mountain could offer high dollar back county tours while keeping the non paying riff raff out.  They made the request AFTER bull dozing the once narrow trail and without requesting or receiving the necessary permits.  It is easier to ask for forgiveness than permission seems to be Powder Mountain's motto.

Ogden Valley has a lot to offer winter skiing enthusiasts and we highly recommend SnowBasin and Wolf Creek Utah.

Supporting Powder Mountain at the ticket window helps fund the PERPS Corpo-Fascist regime. 



No Mo Pow Mow said...

I am going to Snow Basin!!

Machman said...

My wife and I do not ski much. But those who come to visit and stay with us often in January through early March also come to enjoy Utah's great ski slopes.

I have made it clear that no one we entertain from around the Country who intends to ski must not go to Powder Mountain. This due to a local boycott of the greed head developers who have engaged in indecent and unconstitutional activities against those who live in the proposed Powderville Town limits.

We can all support this boycott whether we actually ski or not. Money and profit is all these bottom feeders seem to understand. So let's take that away from them for as long as it takes for them and their development plans to go away forever.

Just say'in

The Viking said...

The word is Powder Mountain is hanging on by their dirty little fingertips anyway. They are bent on alienating most Ogden Valley and Northern Utah residents with their devious and heavy handed behavior.

If they concentrate, I am sure they can figure out how to piss off the the very few that still go there.

Only A matter of Time said...

Very true wise Viking. Apparently they needed a lift part recently and the supplier required cash as PM already owed the supplier several thousand dollars from years ago.

Skip The Dog said...



It is not hard to avoid slow lifts, a flat mountain, and no snow-making. The PM folks have given little incentive to ski there. I have been pretty much boycotting that place for years.


wingnut said...

I heard a rumor that they have Japanese investors with deep pockets. Hum.......... PM with money, look out!!!!

A dose of reality said...

money or not, they will still need at least some public support if their business plan is to succeed. They can only snub their nose so long.

X - PM Patrollers said...

One word......

KARMA, enough said!