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Monday, December 14, 2009

Powder Mountain Wants To Restrict The Wolf Creek Trail - Weber County Commission Public Hearing Tuesday

Powder Mountain is at it again and is now requesting that the infamous Wolf Creek Trail be closed during the winter for "Avalanche control" and maybe a "ski tour."  Supposedly there is a public hearing scheduled for Tuesday morning.

From the Standard,
“They are requesting that, during the wintertime, they rescind the public rights because there is some avalanche control that needs to take place there. Plus, it may interfere with other uses, such as a ski tour,” he said (Curtis Christensen, Weber County Engineer).
At 10:30 am this morning (Monday), less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled Weber County Commission meeting, the agenda is still not posted on the County's web site.  By state law, open meetings are required to be posted at least 24 hours in advance and the County's web site states that the agenda will be posted the Friday before the Tuesday meeting.  Late posting is a continual occurrence it seems.

Most Commission meetings are held Tuesday mornings (unless otherwise publicly noticed) at 10:00 a.m. in the County Commission Chambers, 2380 Washington Boulevard, Ogden.

If you'd like to verify the exact time of Tuesday's meeting, call the Weber County Commission office at (801) 399-8406.  While you are at it ask why this important meeting is not posted.

We will refer you to an excellent overview complete with links to yesterday's Standard article at the Weber County Forum.


RudiZink said...

I've just check with the county commission office, and am able to confirm that notice of this meeting has been posted to the state website.

The commission takes the position that it's in full compliance with Utah public notice requirement. The meeting will thus be held as scheduled, at the above-stated time and place.

Tiny Britches said...

Think the commissioners don't want the public to attend tomorrow's meeting and voice concern about "giving" Powder Mountain total control over and access to the public park during the winter? Nahhhh, they wouldn't do that, especially if it was a first step in giving Powder Mountain absolute control over the park at all times!!!

Space said...

Ever been waiting at the mouth of Little Cottonwood (go get to Alta on a powder dump day) while they blast for avalanche's?

Hum, public access limited in the name of public safety.

I assume this is an all or nothing game for the watchdogs.

Can you tolerate it being closed, for even a little while, while the evil Powder Mountain makes it potentially safer?

Talk, listen, understand. Can there be a win-win?

WTF said...

This is totally bogus! I have been hiking & biking this trail for the past 8 years. About a month ago a friend told me they saw a back hoe up there, so I went for a hike. What was becoming a very nice wilderness single track is now destroyed. I thought this was a public access Park?


Kool Aid Drinker said...


There is no comparison between the Wolf creek Trail and the Cottonwood canyons.

The area in question is west and south of the main resort area and they are attempting to open up some additional terrain for high dollar tours. Have you heard of cat skiing? Heli skiing?

If you think they give a damn about safety then I would love to sell you a bridge over Wolf Creek.

When was the last time Powder Mountain closed down the road to proactively conduct avalanche control? The answer - NEVER.

The state won't close the road until it closes itself, which it does frequently. And often the result of an avalanche, but Powder Mountain's avalanche blasting routes avoid the road - it's not their problem.

Sorry Space, but your goggles are fogged over with frozen Kool-aid!

Theft of service said...

Powder Mountain just wants to be able to arrest skiers and boarders going down the road/trail that have not paid for the new tours they are offering this winter. They cannot arrest you if it is public access.

Space said...

Theft of Service must have Kool-aid anti fog stuff on his/her goggles!!! I believe!!!!

Would you sue if PM blasted for avalanche control and you got caught in the sluff? I suspect its a lawsuit waiting to happen. Is there any room to negotiate (or is it black and white period)?

Close for blasting. open otherwise?

Meetings at 10:00 today. I won't be there. Were you?

Please, tell us what happened.

Zipper said...

Don't you wonder why the County Commissioners did not post the meeting on the County Website? Just remember all of this when these commissioners come up for reelection!

They are sleepwalking republicans and do the people of this state and county no good. They are looking for tax revenue, not protecting citizens rights.

Ron Gleason said...

I will try to write a more complete report later but the County Commissioners took the correct action without even breaking a sweat or blinking twice! They denied this request, offered some good ideas on how PM, pathways, citizens, and the county can work make the situation work for everyone and IMO the best part of today they got PM to admit that they did not get a required permit and they have to work with county engineering on restoration and other actions to correct, if possible, damage done.

More later

Ron Gleason
Huntsville, UT

No Name said...

If the powder mountain folks graded, cut or filled in the area of either of the two signifigant seeps/springs on the path. It would be a whole lot more than a grading permit issue for Weber County. Its a violation of the US EPA Clean Water Act, Section 404; unregulated filling of non-tidal wetlands. Which requires a nationwide 404 permit from the Army Corp of Engineers a violation of which Weber County is required to report. If the writer "WTF" above can confirm this activity from his field visit than some one can really ruin The powder mountain folks day. The activity is punishiable by signifigant fines and jail time. Especially if preformed by professional/merchant developers who should surely no better. When it comes to real estate and resort development the powder mtn. folks confirm their junior varsity status once again.

WTF said...

I don't want to ruin anyones day, but someone ruined mine when I discovered that a trail I had been watching mature into something good over a period of years was literally destroyed overnight. I am all for ski area development, & have been involved with the ski business my whole life but these guys continue to bite the hand that feeds them. It seems to me that their ulterior motive is to deny access to those of us that earn our turns (yes, I have skied in the canyon as well) & make this area exclusive only to those who pay their unqualified guide service.
As far as their disruption of natural water flow, I couldn't say for sure, but from what I remember it is highly likely.