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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

DENIED!!! County Commissioners send Powder Mountain Down the Trail


The County Commission sent Powder Mountain packin' today and we have promoted this Ron Gleason comment to the front page.

I will try to write a more complete report later but the County Commissioners took the correct action without even breaking a sweat or blinking twice! They denied this request, offered some good ideas on how PM, pathways, citizens, and the county can work make the situation work for everyone and IMO the best part of today they got PM to admit that they did not get a required permit and they have to work with county engineering on restoration and other actions to correct, if possible, damage done.

More later,

Ron Gleason
Huntsville, UT

UPDATE 12/16/09 @ 0700 AM

The Standard weighs in this morning with more details on yesterday's meeting.

 Wolf Canyon Trail to stay open all year / Ski resort's request to restrict access denied

And don't miss last night's report from the Weber County Forum.


Whistler said...

It seems that Powder Mountain was up to no good and they dug up the area without a permit. It does look like they think they can do anything without following the rules. Nice to see them get their hands slapped.

cindy.maher said...

No kidding! Rules? What are those? PM REFUSES to go by any rules. It was a great article and sure made my day.

No Mo Pow Mow said...

These Powderville jokers continue to thumb their nose at us all. It is nice to see that our Commissioners stood up for what is right, but I hope they will impose some restrictions with regard to restoring the trail that has now been damaged.

There's your compromise Mr. "Space!"