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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bargaining For Powder Mountain

Humble reader "Kyle" recently requested that we post Bruce Grandin's December 1, 2009 letter to the Ogden Valley News.

Here is an excerpt of Kyle's email request:
Did anyone see the comment by Bruce Grandin in the "Letters to the Editor" in the latest Ogden Valley News(paper)? He advocates reading a book that talks about the Snowbasin/2002 Olympics development. I think Bruce has an excellent point. Learn from what has happened (in Ogden Valley) in the past, take advantage of the lessons learned, and use the current "fight" to our advantage. I have not read the book but I personally know Bruce (and I suspect many of you do to). He is not an idiot (or a Zealot). He didn't come right out and say it but I'm thinking one of the points of the letter is something along the lines of instead of fighting and name calling (gee, heard this lately), talk, listen and understand each others needs (kinda like relationships eh?). Use cooperation (and mutual respect) to benefit everyone who lives here.

I'm heading to the Huntsville library to see of they have it. Thanks for the opinion Bruce.


Thanks for the input Kyle. 

The following is a letter to the editor published in the December 1, 2009 issue of the Ogden Valley News.
Anyone who cares about Ogden Valley should read "Bargaining for Eden" by Stephen Trimble.  It's a fantastic story on how Snowbasin was developed just in time for the 2002 Winter Olympics.

After 12 years of extreme opposition and controversy, the mountain was changed forever.  The Olympics have come and gone.  Skiing in Utah is no longer a secret and the Beehive state was left with the crown jewel of a ski resort.  Earl Holding really did a nice job with the mountain and many people think of Snowbasin as a local treasure.  Only time will tell if it is sustainable.

Now we have another battle going on with Powder Mountain.  Were any lesson(s) learned from Snowbasin?  Steve Trimble sums it up best in the final paragraph of his book.

"We call it a paradise, this land of ours.  We call it home.  Like our nation, the West is in the middle of its arc.  We must remain both vigilant and tender if we wish to preserve its authenticity.  We can do this.  We are not yet too old, too greedy, or too cynical to take wise action together."

Wouldn't it be great if the owners of Powder Mountain, the Weber County Planning Commission, and the local community understood each other's needs and Ogden Valley ended up with another crown jewel?

Please read the book.

Bruce Grandin

We also believe "Bargaining For Eden" is a fantastic read and tout it in our left column.

What say ye Ogden Valley?

It is your turn to opine. 


All about the money said...

Bruce. From California relying on wife's Realtor job. Nuff Said.


Although I confess that I have not read Bargaining for Eden, comparing Earl Holding to the Powder Mountain perpetrators is way, WAY off base. There is no comparison.

Whistler said...

The word on the street in Ogden Valley is Western America also owes delinquent property taxes on some of their property in Weber County. What fine and
outstanding corporate citizens they are!

Let's go Commissioners, Get some gumption to deny them any planning work until they pay their taxes. Anyone who reads this, write to your Weber County Commissioners to go after these delinquent tax scofflaws!

Ole' Timer said...

Mr. Grandin makes the book sound pro Snowbasin, which is far from the case. I read the book and was a resident during Mr. Holding's strong arming and political wrangling.

Just a couple of points for clarification:

1- When Trimble was out promoting his book a year or two ago, Sinclair Oil executive Clint Ensign followed Trimble from event to event to dispute the claims made in the book.

2- Snowbasin is a very nice resort, much of which was funded by taxpayers, not to mention the road to the resort.

3- No one can dispute that Earl Holding is a first class developer. Unfortunately, Mark Arnold and Lee Daniels (or whoever the latest Perps are)are no Earl Holding.

Pistol Pete said...

The editorial page in today's Standard Examiner hits it right on the button. There appears to be no end to the recklessness that Powder Mountain will employ to take away the freedom of other citizens. They also have violated Weber County permit rules along the way.

These clowns belong in the Circus, not in Weber County.

Space said...

Ole' TImer comment about "Mr. Holding's strong arming and political wrangling" kind of flies in the face of IMA BELIEVER's comment. Sounds like a direct comparison to me.

Ole' Timer said...



Earl is a shrewd business man but he cares about the land and most (or at least some) people. While he could rape his land with outrageous density to maximize his profits at all costs, Earl is wise enough to know that will ultimately negate the reason his customers and potential residents are interested in his "crown jewel" in the first place.

As for the Perps, they are in it for a fast buck to satisfy their investors(or few hundred million bucks,)and none of them give a shit about you or me Space.

It's time to come back to Earth, Space Case!

Space said...

Been gone for a while. I love it. Lets banter. Take "all about the money said"'s comment.

To paraphrase,
If you weren't born and raised in Ogden Valley
( Bruce. From California )
and you make your money outside of Ogden Valley
(relying on wife's Realtor job)
your opinion should be belittled.

Enough said.

How many of you were born and raised in the valley AND make your money somewhere else?

ps. wife was raised if not born here.

Ole' Timer said...

What is Ms. Grandin's maiden name? I presume that is the wife you are referring to?

This ole timer was born and raised here and as a matter of fact I do make my money elsewhere.

Ole' Timer said...

Oh, but there's more...

A recurring theme. Move here for the perceived Mayberry-ic lifestyle, then push for changes so it resembles the Californicated ratrace you left. After 3- 5 years realize the winters are too harsh, the drives to Salt Lake are too far or the commute to LA is to taxing.

All this after your neighbors have been DUMPED on.

Ole' timer has been watching this cycle for decades.