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Monday, November 03, 2008

Election Day Is Here!

Election Day: Tuesday, November 4th

What’s Happening? Local polls in Weber County are open from 7am-8pm on Tuesday, November 4th. Vote for federal, state, and local leadership positions as well as ballot questions either here in Weber County or wherever this note may find you present and eligible to vote.

Why Should I Care? Election outcomes DO make a difference in your life. Whether the question is foreign policy at the federal level or land use policy at the local level, the issues have an impact on you. As a member of a democratic society it is both your right and your responsibility to participate in the electoral process. Whether you live and vote here in Ogden Valley or elsewhere in the country, please take the time to fill out your ballot. A democracy can only be truly successful through the participation of the people.

What Can I Do? Vote. Vote. Vote.

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Larry and Sharon Zini said...

To paraphrase the motto of the VCRD,