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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

New "Road" between Middle Fork and Geertsen

Out of nowhere, a new road up the face of the mountain between Middle Fork and Geertsen has appeared. The lack of information has spurred rumors.

Not to fear, as we received an executive update yesterday from the Utah Division of Wildlife Resourses.

We will post an email explanation from Pam Kramer of the UDWR:

UDWR has just created a fire break on the Middle Fork WMA. We will be seeding the area with forage kochia, a perennial forb which tends to stay green longer into the summer season and retard fires that may move across the property. This is part of our effort to improve habitat condition on the property and to increase the browse (shrub) component so that we can winter more deer and support other wildlife species.

I put Shanna Francis of the Ogden Valley News in touch with our restoration biologist who is working on this project so there should be an article shortly in the paper.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


Pam Kramer
Habitat Biologist
Utah Division of Wildlife Resources
515 East 5300
SouthOgden, Utah 84405

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