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Friday, November 21, 2008

Ogden Canyon Lime Kiln Restored

This morning we direct you to the Weber County Forum for an excellent tribute to those who have worked diligently to get the historic Lime Kiln restored in Ogden Canyon.

The article has links to KSL video along with articles and other bits of interesting, historical trivia.


Larry Zini said...

A tip of the cap to those who have worked so hard to retain the connections to the past in Ogden Valley.

Thank you for your efforts!

Larry & Sharon Zini

Machster said...

Ditto to the previous "Thanks". It is very nice to see that old lime kiln restored.

Now if only the RAMP committee could see fit to restore the old "Welcome to Ogden Valley" archway sign (maybe the OVBA could do that?) which used to go across the road (the stone pillars are still visable) and get rid of those ugly concrete "Jersey barriers" and replace them with the original stone walls, built by the CCC or WPA Corps, which used to make that drive such a special event.

It is our tax money that paid for the restoration of the kiln according to the big sign emblazened on it. And it will be our tax dollars (Recreation, Arts, Museums, and Parks or R.A.M.P.) tax money, from the sales taxes we are paying, which is being used for these projects.

And since the RAMP money is being used for everything from an intercomm system at the Washington Terrace Weber County new library ($122,000), see small print in 07 County Budget, to old lime kiln restorations, (Recreation, Arts, Museums, and Parks?), the restoration of the original beauty of the Ogden Valley roadway would fit in just fine all factors considered. We'll call it a "Park" or "Recreational" drive.

Any other suggestions for RAMP committee consideration? It would be sorta nice if the RAMP committee would actually ask for public input, before spending public money as if they are some paternalistic "you pay, we decide what's best for you" typical group.

What's with the metal art under highway bridges? The painted horses scattered around 25th street in Ogden? Hope that is not a priority RAMP project too! So much needs to be done to help the youth and solve Gang problems in Ogden for example...

Be hey, that's just me...err one person's thoughts on the subject.
So once again, to those who worked lifting boulders and and working for two years on the kiln, Thank you for all you have done. And for those good folks like Keith R. who helped along the way, your efforts are appreciated also.

Let's take the next step now that the precedence has been set. Put back the old sign and begin restoration of the origianl stone walls. If UDOT can spend all that money widening the road and making a turnoff for a potential Ward house not even built yet, it should be able to afford blasting some of the dangerous overhanging cliffs in the narrows of the Ogden Valley road, making safe bike lanes in the process and piling up the rock for the walls. What are the priorities?! Do they make any sense?!