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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

3 strikes/ You're Out - Ogden Valley Planning Commission Approves Rock Crusher and extensions for Both Bison Creek Ranch and Trappers Crossing

This just in from one of our Humble Huntsville readers:

In a disappointing move, the OVPC rubber stamped the requests for a one year extension for the Bison Creek Ranch and Trappers Crossing subdivisions. Their claim was one we are all too accustomed to - "The developers meet the requirements of the ordinance, so we have to grant the extension." Keith Rounkles was the lone dissenting voter with regard to the Bison Creek Extension.

Even more disappointing was the Carte Blanche approval of a rock crusher in the nearby Rivers Ghetto project - or rather the Rivers Cluster development may be more politically correct - bite my tongue. After desperate pleas from neighbors and advocates, the Planning commission approved the Rock Crushing operation. Only two hero dissenters had the conviction to vote nay - Keith Rounkles and Gary Allen.

The approval did have some minor restrictions that the developer, Jamie Gull, was not happy with. First, the approval was only for 180 days from the start of the operation, and secondly, that it could only be for phase one.

Interestingly, the developer claimed he did not want the crusher for phase two because homes would be built on the land at that point. Commissioner Rounkles queried the developer by stating, "So you are concerned about your new residents, but are not concerned about the current homeowners?" The developer claimed he was taken out of context and the reason there would be no rock crusher for Phase two was that there would be homes on the site of the proposed rock crusher.

Yesterday's petition with over 70 mostly Huntsville signees was even spotlighted to no avail. Also, during an emotional plea from long time Huntsville resident, Jenifer Georgi, she asked the Planning Commissioners why and who was responsible for allowing the destruction of wetlands and wildlife habitat. She stated that her children and grandchildren would never see the former valley.

Commissioner Rounkles agreed with Ms. Georgi and said the developers ignored recommendations from DWR. He agreed with her that developers are destroying the valley, but the OVPC has no choice.

Later, the developer accused Keith of saying that his actions were illegal and that he had no idea what he was doing with respect to the DWR recommendations. They went back and forth till Chairman Cooper stopped the bantering.

Keith showed he cares, understands and will take a stand.

Is it too late to have Keith Rounkles run for President?


Victor Hugo said...

It is certain that Rounkles would be the best choice to replace Louis (do nothing) Cooper. What a worthless piece of work he is.

It is time to recognize that many of these OVPC members don't care about the Valley, they care about pleasing developers. They are gutless and use every excuse not to ask tough questions.

The way to deal with this is to kick out the Weber County Commissioners that appoint these empty headed members. Remember, they appointed Jamie Lythgoe and refused to remove her when it was proven she abused the conflict of Interest rules in the County. Hold them accountable on election day!

Valley said...

We agree and have already marked the ballot for Hometown hero Lewis Johnson whilst optimistically holding our breath. There are too many well intentioned Utes who simply check the elephant on the ballot without learning the issues/candidates.

Valley said...

Interestingly, prior to every agenda item the Chairman now asks fellow commissioners if they have any "ex parte" communications or conflicts of interest they need to divulge.

Is that a result of the Jamie Lythgoe conflict scandal?

What is "ex parte," you ask?
Here is the best definition we could find as applicable to the Planning commission:

Statements, meetings or filings that are made outside of an official comment-and-replay period. They must be reported and a summary of them made available in the public record.

Victor Hugo said...

Well, we have Jamie Lythgoe to thank for that. Her conflicted involvement on Powder Mountain did finally register on some of the government people. I think that Weber County Attorney Mark DeCaria should pursue her on this issue, ex post facto. His job is to expose and prosecute government malfeasance no matter when it occurs.

Ron Gleason said...

I believe the issue concerning 'ex parte' communication has to do with OVPC members receiving emails directly from citizens instead of the citizens sending emails to the planning department for inclusion in the meeting packets.

The OVPC members are suppose to go into the meeting(s) non-biased, not having discussed issues amongst themselves and no direct input from citizens.

Go figure!

let the sun shine in said...

You are probably right. Maybe it is a result of Rob Scott taking over the Planning Department rather than the Conflicted Jamie Lythgoe saga.

Pleas from citizens to have the contact information of the Planning commissioners available on the Weber County web site have been rejected by Mr. Scott and Weber County Legal Staff.

They won't even list the names of the Planning commissioners and length of their term on the site.

So much for transparency and openness in our government.


Machster said...

We need to remember Craig Dearden, Jan Zogmaster, and Ken Bishoff. And we definitely need to remember Gage Froerer for his gross lack of effectiveness and veracity, his ineffective and miserable grandstanding and being a Realtor Association lapdog who is unwilling to take on ethics reforms.

All of them need to go. Remember PLEASE, do NOT "re-elect" anyone!