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Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Neighbor of The Rivers Expresses concern

From a concerned neighbor of "The Rivers"

We received a notice in the mail today from the Weber County Planning Office stating that the Rivers Cluster Subdivision, located at 7800E Highway 39, is requesting approval of a rock crusher on site.

We live within 500 feet and we are very concerned about the noise (we already have a baby who has difficulty sleeping), and we have been trying to spread the word by going door to door.

Residents are invited to express their thoughts concerning this request at the Ogden Valley Township Planning meeting to be held on Tuesday, October 28th at 5:00 pm in the Commission Chambers (1st floor, Weber Center 2380 Washington Blvd. call 801-399-8791 for more info)

Also, I have just been made aware that the developers of The Rivers Cluster have joined forces with the developers building up behind The Jackson Fork Inn. Their plan is to pump the sewage from the Rivers up to their processing plant, then send the processed sewage back down to be dumped right here, next door to our little town. It makes me sick to even think about it!

Please send this information on to anyone you think may be interested, and if you know anything more about the sewage situation please share.

Thank you for keeping us updated on the forum!

At least two other very important agenda items are planned for the OVPC meeting and we will post our always unbiased review of those items soon. Stay tuned, contact the planning commissioners and attend the meeting.

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