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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Important Ogden Valley Planning Commission Meeting Tuesday - Be There!

Rampant, wide spread development of Ogden Valley has seemingly slowed with the slowing economy, but some persistent developers are returning to the Ogden Valley planning commission this Tuesday for more handouts in the form of extensions and rock crushers.

Be sure to attend as the agenda has a full line up:

Weber County Commission Chambers,

Weber Center (2380 Washington Blvd).

5:00 pm

Under "Consent Items," two important items are listed:

  • Request a One Year Time Extension of Final Approval for Trappers Crossing Cluster Subdivision
  • Request a One Year Time Extension of Final Approval for Bison Creek Ranch Cluster Subdivision

Hidden in the "Regular Items," we see:

  • Approval of Design Review DR #04-08 to Operate a Rock Crusher on a Temporary Basis with the Rivers Cluster Subdivision Located at approximately 7800 East Highway 39

Click here to view the agenda in its entirety

Also, be sure to contact the planning commissioners and let your feelings be known regarding the aforementioned agenda items. The VCRD web site is an excellent resource with contact info, public speaking and letter writing suggestions.

More will be posted on this topic prior to the Tuesday meeting, but be sure to download the Planning Commission Packet, become informed and get involved.

We will also include links to past Ogden Valley Forum articles:

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Bison Creek Ranch

1 comment:

Whistler said...

If those that read this blog want to make a difference, we are going to need collective pressure on our body politic to get their attention. Ogden Valley is viewed as a cash cow by our Commissioners and most other politicians. They want the tax revenue and unlimited growth to keep that going. They don't care about the Valley and what it means to us that live here now. If you don't go to the meetings, write then or e-mail them on your views.