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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Weber County advances Powder Mountain Summit project

An interesting piece recently in the Salt Lake Tribune:

Weber County advances Powder Mountain Summit project 

More interesting is the lack of reporting from our local Standard Examiner.
From the Salt Lake Tribune, we read:

Weber County commissioners approved contracts Tuesday that pave the way for construction of Summit’s mixed-use development on Powder Mountain.
The most significant agreement Tuesday, between Weber County and Geneva Rock Products for almost $7.7 million, allows for expansion and paving of a private dirt road that heads eastward at the top of the mountain. 
 County Engineer Jared Anderson said the contract covers roadway construction, utilities, infrastructure and three bridges.The private road, accessed off Powder Mountain road that winds its way from Eden upward to the ski resort, will become public when the seven-mile stretch is complete.
"The road really is the first step to allow the development to move forward," said Commissioner Jan Zogmaister.

The planned 60- to 66-foot wide right of way will feed into future subdivisions that are part of the project’s first 154-unit phase that includes single-family homes and clustered condominiums. 
 In total, Summit plans to build eight phases on about 1,700 acres over 15 to 20 years, said Weber County Economic Development Director Douglas Larsen.Subsequent phases are slated to include more housing, hotels, small event centers, restaurants, and potential science centers and laboratories that tie directly to Summit Series events that attract change-makers from throughout the world, Larsen said.

Powder Mountain Road is currently the sole access to the ski resort at about 9,000 feet elevation, and during harsh winter conditions can be treacherous. The development agreement promises installation of a second access road as the various phases progress, Larsen said.County commissioners recently OK’d a multi-million special assessment bond — to be paid by future residents in the Summit development area — that will fund the road, water, sewer and other essential groundwork.

Summit appears to be the new darling of Weber County now that former darlings Ron Catanzero of Lakeside has skipped town and Wolf Creek has liquidated.

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