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Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Ogden Canyon Waterline Project Alert: Independence Day Holiday Schedule

SR-39 in Ogden Canyon will be closed to all through traffic on Wednesday, July 3rd, beginning at 9:00pm until 5:00am Thursday morning, in order to complete installation of permanent asphalt in the fourth (and final) phase of construction.  During the hours listed above, all Canyon residents living west of Phase 4 (approximate address: 600 Ogden Canyon) can access their homes from the west (bottom of the canyon).  All canyon residents living in the fourth phase of construction will be able to access their homes during the closure, but there may be longer than usual delays because of the location of the large equipment.  Please keep this in mind as you plan your evening travels.

Both lanes of travel will be open for the Independence Day weekend.  Beginning at 5:00am on July 4th, the traffic control lights and barricades will be removed from the roadway to accommodate the heavy travel for the holiday.  Both lanes of traffic will remain open until 9:00pm on Sunday, July 7th, at which time the traffic lights and barricades will be moved and one-lane travel will resume in Phase 1 (mouth of the canyon up to the Smokey The Bear sign, approximately) so the contractor can begin removing and replacing the temporary asphalt in the first phase.

Thank you again for your patience, and we hope that you have a happy and safe holiday weekend.

Best regards,

Jason M. Allen, P.E. Public Involvement

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