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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Reminder: Summit Town Hall Meeting Tonight... Bonus Summit Coverage

As we mentioned on Saturday, the Summit folks will be hosting another Town Hall meeting tonight.  No matter your opinion of the Summit Team's plans, one thing is for certain: In the history of Ogden Valley, there has not been a developer who has made a better effort to reach out to the community to keep the rank and file in the loop.

We urge you to attend the meeting tonight and report what you hear in the comments section below after the meeting.

Here are the details:

What: Town Hall hosted by Summit
When: Wednesday, July 31, 7pm
Where: Pineview Lodge
3923 N. Wolf Creek Dr.
Eden, Utah 84310

As an added bonus, we will include some recent press on Summit.

Powder Mountain’s new owners detail plans for development from Fox 13

Entrepreneurs gather in Eden for the first Summit Outside from The Next Web

 130721 Summit Outside 127 520x346 Entrepreneurs gather in Eden for the first Summit Outside  

It's Official: 4 Young Founders Just Bought A $40 Million Mountain To Party On from Business Insider

8 Things I Learned At 8500 Feet From 850 Incredible People from 

Dance by the light of the moon from Park Record

Summit turns animal trapping into networking at Powder Mountain, next stop — road building from Silicon Slopes

Summit Series from KSL

That should keep our Ogden Valley Faithful busyWe will post more similar articles later.  For now, read them and be sure to opine.

The forum will not be at tonight's meeting, so please return tonight and post your comments from tonight's big event.


Watchu2 said...

I am unable to attend the meeting tonight, but I have some questions that I would like to ask the "Summit People". Hopefully someone will see this and ask them for me.
I ask these questions, because I am concerned and feel that all the focus for the Summit group is on developing land and not on actually running a ski resort. Sell housing, make some money, and leave the ski resort used and dead, as it will not be needed in two years time. The whole plan seems to be to use us, use the ski resort, and then leave saying sorry we couldn't make it happen for the ski resort. I need to know that the people of "Summit" are actually committed to this community as a whole, not just the part that makes them feel all warm and fuzzy....The good , the bad and the ugly of running a resort too. Weber County doesn't care for anything but the property taxes that might end up in their accounts, but I'm afraid they are going to find themselves as a resort owner, what then?
1. Please explain to me and help me understand what your intentions are for the ski resort (not the land it's on, or the land around it). Do you intend on running the "SKI RESORT" beyond the two years you are obligated to with the county?
2. Has there been any maintenance on the ski lifts this summer and are you ready for the yearly inspections of those lifts?
3. Do you intend on promoting Powder Mountain as a ski resort now and in the years to come?
4. Who is the actual ski resort manager (person) and what management structure is in place (chain of command)?
5. Are there any plans for expansion of the ski resort amenities (new runs or lifts)? If so, what is the expected time frame?
6. If Summit cannot make the ski resort (ski resort only) prosper, what is the backup plan?
Thank you for answering my questions.

rongleason said...

I was able to attend the meeting. It was well attended, my guess was 50+ people. They talked about the previous weekend, showed some pictures and talked about some of the folks that attended. The made the points that no complaints were received by the Weber County Commissioners.

Before addressing their phase 1 development they asked Steve Clarke of Eden and representative of the GEM Committee to present some slides from the 2005 general and recreation plan workshops illustrating the potential density within the valley with current zoning. This message was delivered to make sure everyone was aware of the upcoming joint meeting of Ogden Valley Planning Commissioners and Weber County Commissioners on September 5th. This meeting will be to discuss whether the general plan should be redone and what type of planning activities should be addressed.

The Summit Group then presented a progress report on their phase 1 development. No surprises and nothing new. They did present a glimpse of a village, larger than what is planned for phase 1, but no specific details. They presented potential groups and focus areas (education, medical and others I do not recall) that may want to utilize the facilities that will be on the mountain.

It was mentioned that the road surfaces being planned for the top of the mountain would be a 'red' color, similar to what is used in the US National parks, for better environmental blending.

Personally I was hoping to hear more about their additional phases and master plan but that was not offered

Some questions that I recall

Q - Did the Community Development Agreement get approved by the County Commissioners?
A - No

Q - Any plans on updating any ski lifts soon specifically Sundown?
A - No plans for the Sundown lift at this time.

Q - Was the CUP for the rock crushing and pit on the mountain approved?
A - yes

Q - Will PM be allowed to or do they have any plans for exporting rock off the mountain?
A - No as the amount of material available on top of the mountain is most likely not enough for all the needs on top of the mountain.

I know there was more presented and more Q&A but I was not taking notes and only want to present what I feel I have accurately remember. If I have erred in presenting any of these facts please correct them with other comments and I will apologize in the advance if I have made a mistake.

Everyone I spoke with was pleased to see that the Summit Group continues to be willing to share their plans and ideas with the community.

Ogden Valley said...

Ron, thanks for taking the time to provide the update.