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Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Summit Raises More Than $70K For Local Non-Profits

Education, open space, and Huntsville infrastructure among causes supported

Eden, Utah (July 1, 2013)—Summit announced today that a fundraising campaign tied to its annual leadership event, Summit Outside, has raised more than $70,000 for Weber County nonprofits. The funds are a combination of contributions made by individual members of the Summit community and the organization itself, which is donating a portion of profits from its next event to local causes.

“Summit events have traditionally had a significant philanthropic component,” says Megan Boswell, Summit’s director of community relations. Over the past five years Summit events have helped raise tens of millions of dollars for business and nonprofit ventures. In 2011, Summit partnered with The Nature Conservancy to raise nearly $1 million dollars to establish a 71-square-mile marine reserve in the Bahamas. “Now that we can call Powder Mountain home, we’re looking forward—for years to come—to focusing those efforts on local and statewide causes and initiatives.” said Boswell. 

The nonprofits benefited represent a variety of causes and include the Ogden Valley Land Trust, Weber Pathways, Community Foundation of Ogden Valley, Weber School Foundation, Weber County Fire Officer’s Association, The Huntsville Marathon, and The Nature Conservancy.

“In a short period of time, Summit has demonstrated a remarkable commitment to use its resources and seek out needs to benefit the Ogden Valley in a most thoughtful manner,” said Huntsville Mayor Jim Truett. “We’re thrilled to call Summit our new neighbor and excited for the organization's vision for the future.”

While money raised through ticket sales to Summit Outside, held at Powder Mountain July 19-22, will go toward local causes, the gathering will also tackle national and international issues. Summit is partnering with UNICEF to focus on major education challenges including: improving access to quality education for disabled students; encouraging more girls to study STEM curriculum; and teaching kids skills like entrepreneurship and technological literacy, which will help them succeed in a modern work place.

"We know that the problems faced by the world's most vulnerable children are too big for any one agency to tackle alone,” says Christopher Fabian of UNICEF. “It takes collaboration. What Summit has is a community of incredibly talented people who have the skills, networks, and desire to solve hard problems. By working together, we hope to find answers to challenges that affect us all."

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