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Monday, April 01, 2013

Petition being circulated to Weber County, Utah: Enforce and Maintain Existing Zoning On Stringtown Road, Eden

Some neighbors on and near Stringtown Road have drafted a petition to encourage Weber County to enforce and maintain existing zoning on Stringtown Road in Eden.

Click here to view the petition.

Here is the text of the petition:
Eden, Utah, and particularly Stringtown Road, is a quiet, rural place that Weber County residents, as well as visitors use as a place to walk, jog, horse-back ride, bike, and socialize together. One home in particular, rented by The Summit Group, is being operated as a business seven days a week. They have installed three kitchens, six massage rooms, are serviced by semi-trucks delivering food weekly, and have installed three commercial dumpsters.  It is locally known as "the party house".  It is serviced by four white passenger vans, which can run at a frequency of every five minutes until the early morning hours.  In a large paved parking area, they have erected tall, commercial light poles that add light pollution in what was formerly a beautiful spot for stargazing. Because of the business, daily auto traffic has increased more than three times what it was previously, making the country road an unsafe place to recreate. More importantly, it has become an unsafe place for the hundreds of Valley Elementary school children,that walk down the road for exercise on a routine school day. We ask Weber County to enforce zoning laws to preserve the authenticity of the town, and the investments by the locals. We also request that the Weber County Commissioners maintain the original zoning as residential and agriculture, to preserve the Stringtown Road.

What do you think?  Does Weber County need to take action?

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