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Friday, April 12, 2013

Powder Mountain's Summit Eden development moves ahead

The Standard Examiner reported yesterday that the Summit Eden development is one step closer to fruition.  From the article,
The Weber County Commission held a public hearing Tuesday to discuss a conditional-use permit for a 154-unit residential development called Summit at Powder Mountain Phase 1, to be located southwest of the traditional ski areas.
Although the purchase of Powder Mountain will not be final for another couple of weeks, as the management company of the ski resort, Summit Mountain Holding Group is moving forward based on plans previously approved by the original owners.
Last November, the commission approved a petition to rezone 4,297 acres of the Ogden Valley resort, as part of a deal with Western American Holdings LLC. The rezone allows for a golf course, affordable housing for employees and other development, such as condominiums and an expanded ski area.
The first phase of plans put forward by Summit is for a 154-unit residential development.
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The article goes on to state,
Before it can begin work on the development, infrastructure improvements must be made to the mountain.
Last month, the county agreed to back a $22.5 million bond for Summit Mountain Holding Group, with the approval of a memorandum of understanding to create a special assessment district.
The special assessment district will levy taxes within a 1,570-acre development to build the infrastructure, through a 20-year bond.
Summit Mountain Holding Group will use the money to build a water well, water holding tank, sewer system and roads on Powder Mountain to service future development.
Construction on the infrastructure should begin by late summer.
While we are on the subject of Summit, posted an upbeat article about Summit and things happening as a result in and around Ogden.

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