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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Summit promptly responds to Stringtown Neighbors - Q and A scheduled for tonight.

Dear Stringtown Neighbors,

Since our organization moved to Eden nearly a year ago, we have been thrilled by the prospect of creating a permanent community on Powder Mountain while collaborating with the Upper Ogden Valley community to drive smart and sustainable economic growth. Due to concern raised by activity on Stringtown road we wanted to help put into the issue into further context.

The home on Stringtown road is used as a private residence by a member of the Summit team. More than 40 members of the Summit team also live in more than a dozen other houses across the valley.

Summit has leases on four commercial spaces throughout the valley. These include the offices above Carlos and Harley’s, a neighboring warehouse in that complex, the entire bottom floor of the Pineview Lodge and nearly the entire Wolf Creek Welcome Center.  These commercial spaces serve as Summit's only office space.

Because the Summit team now numbers 40 (up from 12 a year ago), visits of other team members to other houses, as well as hosting of visiting friends and family, can drive a lot of traffic. Given the 19-acre size of the Stringtown property and its amenities (playing field, basket ball court, volleyball court) it has served as a meeting point for visiting friends and family.  Carpooling vans have been used to minimize traffic, at the request of neighbors.

In the future, there will not be vans driving down Stringtown during school days. We’ve also asked Summit team members to minimize visits to this home during school days.

We’d be happy to meet with residents to discuss any further issues we can take and are confident that Stringtown road will continue to be a safe place for kids.

We’ll be hosting a Q+A on this subject at Summit’s office--formerly known as the Wolf Creek Welcome Center--on Tuesday April 2, at 630pm
The Sunnit Team


Stringtown RD said...

Stringtown Road is a residential neighborhood. Who is the county would like to live next door to weekly parties of hundreds of attendees, that usually end with a stream of traffic at 2 am?

While suspending the use of the vans during school hours, will solve the issue of the van drivers exceeding the speed limit, will it reduce the traffic coming to and from the house during school hours? Will it simply be the same people, just driving their own vehicles, who also do not respect the speed limit or pedestrian traffic?

What about the increase in garbage on Stringtown, like Starbucks cups, and remnants of foods served at the parties?
What about the 3 commercial dumpsters and extra trips the garbage trucks make especially for
the dumpsters.

How are you addressing the weekly commercial semi-truck food deliveries?

The babysitters, the massage therapists, and the security guards you employ for the events also reek of something more than a family gathering.

With three other properties leased by Summit zoned for commercial use I think the neighborhood would appreciate you hold your dinner parties at a more appropriate venue.

Stringtown Road

Dennis Craig said...

Chief Reconnaissance Officer? Reconnaissance is the military term for exploring beyond the area occupied by friendly forces to gain vital information about enemy forces or features of the environment for later analysis and/or dissemination. So does Summit see their neighbors as the enemy?

Local Yocal said...

I would say they consider their neighbors as anything but the enemy. While Summit may be far from perfect, they are more willing to work with and address the concerns of the residents more than any developer in the history of the valley, Brother Brighams followers notwithstanding.

Stringtownn Rd said...

Dennis, I agree that the title Chief Reconnaissance Office does not engender trust or confidence, for a person who I believe is trying to be a community liaison. I think it belies true intention though.

Vermel said...

Unless there are rwo "Pineview Lodges" This is strike one in my books. No one there

ekalb said...

My family and I have going to PowMow for the past 7 years...we like it so much we bought a lot in Eden back before summit was ever involved. Having been to the lake house, I can attest to the fact that there's nothing commercial about what they're doing. And even there were, big deal? It's on what, 17 acres? That's an unbiased testimony... have no affiliation...and it was extremely nice for them to even have me up there...they really are great people and it's the BEST possible outcome.

vermel said...

Let me get this straight. 7 whole years as a limited investment? Or 7 whole years as a part-time resident? 17 acres or a section of ground? It really does not matter. I have troubles valuing your opinion with these issues at hand. They are not the only people here. Some of us have more at stake than trying to realize a potential gain due to property value increase. This is like a suitor vying for a mate and kissing up in every way to make the match. Then afterwards putting the screws to said mate.

FormerPowMtSkier said... drank the kool-aid didn't you? They are developers, pure and simple, out to make a profit. Don't let the smoke and mirrors and nice guy image fool you...

FormerPowMtSkier said...

Right on Dennis. Why not call him what he is and what his duties entail? I believe the purpose is to obscure what all these guys really are---developers, marketers, salesmen out to make a buck. One thing I will give them credit for is being masters at public relations, especially compared to the two prior would-be Powder Mountain developers. That is why residents are willing to cut them a little slack instead of asking hard questions and questioning the wisdom of their proposals.

edenresident said...

What I don't understand is why summit has a private village planned at the top of the mountain that we can't use. It seems ridiculous since we're providing the bond for the water, roads, and sewer for that village. They're mentality: use us for $ but don't commit to any public gain....seems unfair

powda said...

Great point.

powda said...

They have so much potential to provide a public benefit...have they proposed anything?

Liberty Res said...

I drive home late (11pm) every night and come down Trappers Loop. I can't help but notice the "Summit Beacon" at the top of Hidden Lake! I can understand the lights during the night skiing season at Sundown, which are turned off after hours. But, is there any reason for the (Summit's) Hidden Lake Lodge lights to be on? Oh yeah, in about ten years there is going to be several hundred lights shining each night on the top! Hmm, so much for our forest creatures having an undisturbed habitat! Good thing they made a human sized nest of all natural materials! So much for "preserving this place for what it is"! PLEASE, prove us all wrong Summit! I really hope you can!