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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ogden Valley Residents Urged To Wave Flags In Honor of Officer Jared Francom

It's been a tough week for our neighbors in Ogden in the wake of the tragic shooting last week.  The impact has spread well beyond the city's borders to the rest of Weber County, the State of Utah and across America.  Our friends at the Weber County Forum have done a masterful job (as always) of reporting on all aspects of the case, so we urge you to snoop around and get up to date by clicking below:

Ogden Shootings Story Update: The Latest From the Northern Utah Print Media

Today marks the funeral and memorial service for Officer Jared Francom and Ogden Valley residents have been asked to help honor Officer Francom by waving flags during the funeral procession.  The flag waving has been organized, and as we understand it, Ogden Valley-ites are asked to line Harrison Boulevard along the route between the Dee Events Center (about 4400 Harrison Blvd.) and 30th Street.  Bring flags if you have them.  The Trapper Trails Council of the Boy Scouts of America will also be handing out miniature flags at various locations along the route.

The funeral procession is expected to begin at about 12:30 PM and will run North on Harrison to 30th Street, then turn west to Washington Boulevard.  From there it will turn right (north) and proceed to 12th Street, then will make a right turn eastbound to Monroe before finally turning South on Monroe for Officer Francom's final resting place at the Ogden City Cemetary.  A map of the route can be found by clicking here.

It is difficult to find good out of such a tragedy, but the events have brought the community together and have strengthened bonds.  Today we honor those law enforcement officers who routinely put themselves in harms way to keep the streets safe.  From a simple traffic stop to a complicated drug bust, cops have to constantly be wary of bad guys.  Today we thank, salute and honor you.

Rest in peace Officer/Agent Jared Francom.

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